Tuesday, February 21, 2017

We're Going Fishing!

Ughhhhh, I've had a cough ALLLLLL week! I'm so sick of ittttttt but it's fine. I'm already feeling tons better. We made a concoction of honey and lemon and hot water… something they suggest here hahahaha. I should be better within like 2 days.   

My companion and I are doing alright I guess.  The relationship is getting better so that's always good.  He’s loosening up a little with me and we had a pretty good week.

Today we are going to do something super fun actually!!!  

There's a family here that knows a place where there's a little pond so they're going to take me and my companion fishing and then we're going to come back and cook the fish afterwards...should be a pretty interesting pday!  I have no idea what kind of fish they are but I'll take lots of pictures because I charged my camera yesterday.

The young woman we have been teaching is progressing a ton.  She will probably be our next baptism.  One of the families we are teaching has a few problems but they're always coming to church and progressing a lot too.

Hey but just so you know I gotta go like right now.  My companion isn't a huge writer and he's anxious to go fishing.  Dad, I'll be thinking of you the whole time!!!

Love you all!
Elder Lott

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Elder Rasband came to Guatemala!

I'm doing pretty good I think! I've been a tiny bit sick lately with like a sore throat and a week body but I've recovered tons over the last 2 days so that's good!! My new companion is Elder Reed. He's from California and he has like one month less than me in the mission. Look at my Zacapa pictures....we started there together. He's one with glasses!! (We looked through the Zacapa pictures but couldn’t make the connection.)

No, it wasn’t my new companion that had a special assignment. It was Elder Martinez that was going to receive a special assignment. He's going to be part of the bishopric in his new area.  

I have the funnest news ever!!! Even though I've been sick... guess what we got to do on Saturday??

The apostle Elder Rasband came to Guatemala for a visit!!!

And we got to go see him!!!!! It was SO awesome!!! We even got to shake his hand!! He has actually been feeling really sick as well and wasn't able to be with us for very long because he wanted to go get some rest but he did share an incredibly strong message and he said that he wanted to shake everyone's hands and make extra time to do that.

We weren't able to take pictures with him because they told us we couldn't but there was someone there taking pictures professionally so maybe some of those pictures will be in the Liahona or on the internet or something!

Well, my new companion is ready to go...already!  So, looks like I'm outta here.

Send everyone my love--
Elder Lott 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Mission is the Best!

Wow!  We have had already had a busy day today getting ready for transfers....

When we talked to the assistants last night they said that there were only like 5 or 6 companionships in the whole mission that didn't have transfers and that's super crazy cause usually there aren't that many transfers (haha) but I will be receiving a new companion tomorrow morning and I'm super nervous about it but excited at the same time. It's always a new adventure and weird getting used to a new companion but we head off at like 7 tomorrow morning to get our new companions. They said my companion was going to have a special assignment too so I guess we'll see how everything works out!  We have lots of work to do and hopefully all will be well. I know it will!

Training is so much pressure though. There are so many things to focus on but it's all good. I'm ready. Me and him are gonna work hard and help lots of people.  I know the Lord will bless me and that he will be with me every step of the way.  I know that this is where I need to be right now and that my new companion needs to be here with me in this very moment. I have seen so many signs and had so many experiences that just say you're where you need to be and it's so cool.  The mission is the best.

The people that we have found and people that we have been teaching and people in the ward and everything have told me they really enjoy working with me and they have been attentive in lessons and I just see the Lord's hand and his plan for his children in every little detail and I know that the people that don't accept us right now will be prepared in another moment and the perfect missionaries will come along just for them.

Almost everyone in the zone had changes but Elder Brubaker and Elder Moore didn’t have transfers!

That is Elder Brubaker up on that fence.  That day we got the whole zone together to play soccer and then go eat lunch after in a nice mall but the problem was that we didn't have keys to get into the church so we all had to jump the fence (hahahaha).

We worked on this car for like 6 hours one day.  We had to change the clutch and we were following YouTube videos.  It was a challenge and it was like 4 days later that my hands were finally clean too. It was a good adventure for sure and it was fun!  We were serving a less active family and after that long service project they made it to church yesterday and said they were going to go this next Sunday!  Service does wonders.

Our investigators are doing well. We have a ton that are progressing and hopefully with my new companion we'll be able to have several baptisms.


Elder Martinez turns 21 on the 12th of February so we celebrated a little bit with our recent converts. When we went to celebrate my companions birthday, they thanked us for coming and sharing the message of the gospel with them because it had changed their life completely. They shared their testimony and we were all just crying really. The family was really struggling when we got there. There were lots of challenges and problems but they have been able to overcome all these problems and have really felt the Saviour's love and it was so incredible.  It was like a happy birthday and a going away party so they thanked us and it was such a neat experience!

But the bad news is that I have to go... my companion still needs to finish packing his bags and we gotta say goodbye to a few more families...

Until next week…

Elder Lott