Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Elder Rasband came to Guatemala!

I'm doing pretty good I think! I've been a tiny bit sick lately with like a sore throat and a week body but I've recovered tons over the last 2 days so that's good!! My new companion is Elder Reed. He's from California and he has like one month less than me in the mission. Look at my Zacapa pictures....we started there together. He's one with glasses!! (We looked through the Zacapa pictures but couldn’t make the connection.)

No, it wasn’t my new companion that had a special assignment. It was Elder Martinez that was going to receive a special assignment. He's going to be part of the bishopric in his new area.  

I have the funnest news ever!!! Even though I've been sick... guess what we got to do on Saturday??

The apostle Elder Rasband came to Guatemala for a visit!!!

And we got to go see him!!!!! It was SO awesome!!! We even got to shake his hand!! He has actually been feeling really sick as well and wasn't able to be with us for very long because he wanted to go get some rest but he did share an incredibly strong message and he said that he wanted to shake everyone's hands and make extra time to do that.

We weren't able to take pictures with him because they told us we couldn't but there was someone there taking pictures professionally so maybe some of those pictures will be in the Liahona or on the internet or something!

Well, my new companion is ready to go...already!  So, looks like I'm outta here.

Send everyone my love--
Elder Lott 

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