Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Only one more pday and a baptism!

There is only one more pday after this and then I get home. Can you even believe that???  I'm pretty anxious!

My interview with President Crapo was super awesome. He talked to me about the flight plan and what's going to happen this last week.  We talked about dating and marriage of course and we also talked about like 7 tips that will keep me on track always so it was really neat!

Getting to the mission office was an adventure cause neither of us really knew how to get there but luckily we made it.  We had to take like 4 buses to get there and cross through like 5 zones but we made it.  President Crapo will soon be released and goes home on the 30th of June, I think. He didn’t invite us to lunch but I invited my companion to Wendy's and we ate like kings.

I think I'm gonna go back to Esperanza with Elder Martinez and maybe make a quick stop by Las Ilusiones to say goodbye to David and Janet because it's right next to it.  It will be fun to go back with Elder Martinez because everyone loved us a ton so it will be fun to go back together!! 

Monday is going to be crazy busy!  We have to go the sixth avenue to buy souvenirs and then head out to Esperanza and we will be running the whole day but I will still try to write you.  My companion is going to have to write so we'll have to make some time in there.

I haven't started emptying my suitcases yet but I definitely need to do that....

YESSSSSS this Tuesday we have the conference with Elder Renlund and we are PUMPED!! We have to wake up tomorrow super early but it's so worth it.  The conference is back in Zona 9 in the chapel in Montufer.... that really doesn't mean anything to you guys but that's where we're headed. At least we know part of the way because that’s where the mission offices are in Zona 9.... I'm not sure where Montufer is but we'll make it.  We have to get up at 4:30 to make it to our stake center at 6:30 and head out from there with the other missionaries!

Guess what!  We had a baptism this last Saturday!! By surprise!!!  Her name is Adric and she's 16.  She was a reference from the members and it was awesome!  In like two weeks we went through ALL the lessons.  She was super ready to receive the gospel!  It was soooooo awesome!!!

It’s been a good week with the interview with president and the baptism as the big highlights
Well, we’re off!  We're going shopping and my companion is going to cut his hair and then off to play soccer!  I'm so excited to see everyone and will be there before you know it!

Elder Lott

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