Friday, June 2, 2017

It's real...I'm coming home!

I just got a copy of my travel itinerary.  I’m honestly super excited.  I can´t believe how close it is. It’s so crazy!  I have my final interview with president this Thursday!   I´m not sure if they send a taxi but if not we go by bus.  The mission office is in Zona 9.  It’s at 12... I´m hoping he´ll give me lunch haha!  

My companion is enjoying doing all of these fun end-of-mission things with me.  It´s pretty fun for him, I think! I wish I could have been with a missionary that was finishing his mission because there are lots of fun things to do at the end like going to the sexta and central market and I think they take us to the zoo before going home.  Sexta is sixth in Spanish and it´s the sixth avenue where there´s a whole street of just stores to buy fun things.  AND, I get to go to one of my areas to say good-bye.   I get to pick the area but I can´t go outside of the capital back to Zacapa because it´s too far away.  I just don´t know where I want to go...I want to go back to all of my areas and say goodbye to EVERYONE.

I spend the last day of the mission in the Assistant´s house with all the missionaries that are finishing the mission and then the assistants take us to the airport in the morning!  I´ll be with Elder Vasquez for my last day in the mission... Crazy huh?

This week has been pretty normal... Running around visiting all our investigators and helping the members!   We helped a cute little old lady weed her garden.  We helped put a roof on a house and we helped one of our converts paint her house…tons of crazy things!

Yesterday we visited our baptismal dates that we have for these next couple of months and went to church and everything!  We saw the couple that is working on getting married.  They´re super excited for their wedding.  They just need to save up a little money and make some invitations so I probably won´t get to see them get married…the next missionaries will be able to enjoy the wedding and the baptism :)

Today were going to clean the house and do some grocery shopping and then play some soccer if we still have time haha!

I will see you all soon!
Elder Lott

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