Monday, September 14, 2015

Service and Snakes

Unfortunately this week we weren´t able to have our baptism... he wasn´t quite ready... but this coming Saturday for sure!!!

Yes we did move rooms. They started construction in our other room so we moved. It´s really small but it has air conditioning so it´s worth it.  It´s easy to keep clean because it´s so small too but it is a little crammed. They will finish the construction in this coming week I think and then we´ll move back into another room that´s bigger and has a kitchen so it´s all worth it.  (What is he doing without a kitchen—I need more details!)

You liked my picture of the rainstorm…it was crazy!  We couldn´t cross the street so we huddled under that little roof thing and it was insane. It was cool though because while we were running down the street trying to escape the flood, there was a guy that invited us into his house and he spoke English too!!! YES!!! So we talked with him for a while and he was super nice. Hopefully we´ll get to run into him again. I knew the flood was a way for the Lord to lead us to him :)

We did have multiple service projects this week. We peeled and shucked corn for a family and then we cut all the corn off with a knife.  Apparently that´s how they prepare tamales here... with corn or something.... I don´t know but we worked on that forever!

This pile of wood was our other service project. We helped a family chop all their wood so they could sell it! The man that we helped actually just received the Melchizedek Priesthood and we´re trying to set up a date for the temple and hopefully we´ll get to go with him!! I miss the temple. Wow. I want him to go so we can go with him--not in a selfish way but because I want to go and him to go and we all receive blessings right?? ;)

This little snake decided to slither across the floor during one of our lessons.  Everyone freaked out and then one of the kids came and beat it with a stick.  After they said that it was super dangerous so it was kind of scary but then it was all good ;) 

Life is good though! We had transfers today and I was super nervous but luckily nobody in our district changed. I get to keep my trainer for at least one more transfer WHEW!!  Stay tuned ;)

Elder Lott

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