Tuesday, September 22, 2015

First Baptism!

Can you believe another week has already passed?? Does it pass as fast for you guys as it does for me?? Yikes.

Well the most exciting part of this week was that I had my first baptism!! We were able to hold the baptismal service for the hermano that have been helping this last Saturday!! It was such a good day. Super busy cause we were running here and there trying coordinate and making sure everything was set but that´s what made it so fun!!  More pictures of the baptism to some soon.

The day before we went on splits with the zone leaders so they could do the baptismal interview and I was with Elder Mortensen! He was the one in the pictures that I sent! 

We spent the day and I had to lead all the lessons and everything cause we were in my area and it was super scary cause I’m still just a little “Gringo” out here (I still feel like such a baby out here)!  Elder Mortensen said I actually did a really good job! Divisions are always kind of intimidating though... You would be so proud of me though cause I coordinated the whole baptism IN SPANISH!  Yes! 

Elder Mortensen pushed me to make lots of contacts and just talk to people. Just share my testimony and it really helped a lot. This is his last transfer here on his mission and then he goes home so we talked a lot about what he wished he would have done or little tips and tricks that he has learned over the years and it was a lot of fun.  He´s a great guy! We were eating actually what´s called Pomela or something like that.... It´s like an orange but it has like a tart aftertaste.  It was super weird. The fruit though is actually really good here.... We don´t have it a ton but when we´re offered like bananas or oranges or anything like that, yes it tastes like it was right off the tree. It is SUPER good.

Oh speaking of babies out here in the field though we just got some new missionaries from the CCM! They only have like a week in the field so I guess I´m not quite a baby anymore haha ;)

One of the days we had a power outage in Zacapa!  It was so dark everywhere!!!  We were teaching this man and when the power went out we were able to use the sunlight for a while but when that went down, it was pitch black!  I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face!  So we busted out the old candle and it was awesome.  I felt like Nephi or Alma or something—preaching in the olden times.  My companion felt the same!  Maybe Alma and Amulek?  It was a fun lesson either way.  The power outage was an adventure but when are we not having an adventure!?!

We actually just had an internet crash at the other place we were.... Good thing there are lots of places where we can go and find 2 or 3 computers that we can use haha in this case... Just a little bit down the street hahaha!

Hmmm... Are we walking a ton... I´m going to have to go with yes on that one. We do walk quite a bit. However we do ride the bus quite often as well so not like a TON a ton? But like a pretty good amount... Like my calves burn by the end of the night... Hahaha! Shoes and insoles though? Good shape. All is well with those. I think the insoles are really saving my life hahaha cause my feet don´t hurt throughout the day which is really nice haha!

One meal a day with members.... Unfortunately no.. We don´t have a lot of members in our area.... They´re all in the sister´s area hahaha it´s such a bummer!! It´s okay though. We´re working hard to change that ;) however we do have the bishop in our area and he feeds us and gives us rides and all of that a ton so that´s super nice. Usually we´re on our own for meals though... It´s not all bad though! We get to have a nice variety! Sometimes we cook some meats like bacon or sausage and it´s always an adventure! Haven´t found anything new though. We can buy top ramen though hahahah and yes we buy that from "maxi" is what it’s called. It´s like the Walmart here. It´s good!

I miss you guys with all my heart and love you beyond words!! I hope all is well!!
Elder Lott

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