Monday, September 28, 2015

Elder Yama is the best!


Elder Yama is the district leader in our area and for this we´re always pretty busy taking care of the other missionaries in our district and organizing activities and making sure we get their goals recorded and all of that. It´s kind of hard to be the companion of a district leader but at the same time it´s super fun because we stay busy. He´s a hard worker and always has us doing something. We´re always making new arts and crafts or cooking new foods or whatever missionaries do.  He´s a great guy!  He´s from Mexico and he actually speaks a lot of English and wants to learn more so we try to find a balance of him helping me learn Spanish and me helping him learn English which honestly is such a blessing. I could not have gotten a better trainer!!!
(It's always fun to find your son in Guatemala on Instagram!)
The conference we had on Monday was with President and Sister Crapo and they made us bring our suits but we ended up not even using them!! hahahaha but it was super fun. I always learn a lot from them.
The studying picture was definitely a little posed hahaha but I actually do study from Preach My Gospel it´s funny that you noticed that was the ONLY book missing hahaha but we recently got a lot of manuals from the bishop that I will be trying to study. The only hard part is that they´re in Spanish. I usually study in English but supposedly the manuals are really good so I´ll have to give it a try.

All those water bottles are just water bottles that I´ve bought when passing a tienda when I needed water.  We usually buy those big like 2 gallon containers of water or whatever it is like we saw before the mission and just use that for everything. Sometimes when we don´t have that though, I just take it from the sink and filter it through that water filter into the other water bottle and add some Tang. You find ways to make things work you know? ;)

                                          I'm thinking his knees might a look a little worn :)

Oh here´s something interesting!! I think we might be going to the zoo in like an hour... So next time I can send pictures maybe there will be me with some exotic animals or something!! I don´t know if there are any other animals here in Zacapa besides Chucho´s or dogs but hey... I guess we´ll find out!

The other thing is I got a haircut and I thought I described pretty well how I wanted my haircut but apparently there´s only one hairstyle here in Zacapa and that´s a nice buzz with a little bit of hair in the front to add variety..... I worked so hard to grow it all out and then I only wanted a trim and now I have to grow it all back again.... Ugh. Hahaha All is well on my end though!!

Love you TONS—
Elder Lott

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