Monday, October 19, 2015

Scorpion Visitor

Look at this little guy that I found by MY HEAD!!!  I was just making my bed (Mom I hope you’re so proud of me) and I moved my mattress to tuck in all of my bed sheets and stuff and BAM!  I found this SCORPION chilling right next to where I was sleeping.  Did I freak out a little?  Yes…definitely a lot! I had a small heart attack!  Was my first instinct to take a picture of it?  Well, of course!  As insane as it was and as scared as I was, it was also my first time seeing a wild scorpion so it had to be documented.  Did I sleep that night?  Actually, yes!  I passed right out because every single night I’m exhausted.  I just pray that I won’t ever have to see anything like that again. 

What do I do to protect myself? Hope and pray? Check my bed every night, that is what I´ve been doing hahaha! We have seen a couple of HUGE spiders along some of the streets and stuff and it´s a little unsettling to know that those things are crawling around but we have some insecticide and I just hope that my treated sheets protect me like they´re supposed to hahaha!

Here we were cleaning and filling the baptismal font for the sisters in our district who had a baptism. We were the witnesses for the baptism and we went and got everything prepared and everything so that was pretty fun! Not our own convert.... But hey, it was still super exciting and everything was well. It was super spiritual and super cool! 

I often think about the missionary force of just my friends and how grateful I am that we´re all out serving at the same time and the support and comfort that that brings me.  I wish I had time to write them all and hear from them personally but I´m super glad you keep me updated. Ah it´s so good to hear that everyone is doing well and everything. 

We had the multi zone conference this last Wednesday which was super good. We talked about the vision that Lehi had and applied the 4 groups of people to 4 different groups of people.  President Crapo is super awesome. My Spanish is getting tons and tons better and that´s good because next Sunday we will find out about our transfers... Who our next companions are and where our next area is and everything!! Pray for me. I´m a little nervous but at the same time super excited.

Elder Lott

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