Monday, October 26, 2015

Change is in the air!

Alright... Here´s the inside on the transfers are you ready? It´s crazy.... So it turns out that yes indeed my companion Elder Yama is out of here... He´s going to a place called Puerto Barrios which is even a little hotter than it is here with humidity times 100.... He´ll probably end up dying so I will say my final goodbyes forever tonight hahaha ;) With my companion leaving it means that I have to get a new companion right? My new companion is Elder Vasquez. He´s straight from the CCM and he´s brand new which means I am the trainer and senior companion. I am extremely overwhelmed and scared to take on this new responsibility.... I feel like I am still just a baby out here and have no idea what I´m doing and now I´m getting another missionary that is even more new than I am.... I just finished my own training... I definitely don´t feel ready to train another.... I hope that I know enough Spanish and enough about our area and the people that all will be well but..Yikes... I´m super nervous and overwhelmed... It´s alright though, I continue to press forward with faith and I pray a lot a lot a lot a LOT hahahaha ;) There´s the inside scoop with transfers though!!

I meet my new companion tomorrow... today is my last day with Elder Yama and we´re going to say good bye to all the members for him...

My most spiritual moment this week was preparing my talk for this last Sacrament meeting. I was preparing my talk and the spirit was just guiding me. I just picked up my pen and the spirit did the rest. It guided me to scriptures and thoughts and everything and it was actually really incredible. I shared it on Sunday and I was told that I did a good job.... I know that´s something that everyone says anyway but I think that they really meant it haha :) 

We’ve been doing a workout routine and I feel like I´m getting stronger and healthier.  I think I just need to start eating a little healthier... It´s hard when you´re living on your own and have to cook for yourself but I have been buying lots more fruit and vegetables but that brings on the whole new problem of having to wash them and having to wash them with clean water hahaha!! Lots of work to eat healthy!

I continue to pray for you guys every week!! I hope you are staying busy and that all is going super well. No sicknesses or anything. I know this gospel is true. I know that it is being directed and guided by the Lord. I feel his influence and blessings every single day and am so grateful for you everyone and the prayers that you´re sending my way. 

Thank you much for everything!!!
I love you with all of my heart!!!
Elder Lott
This morning we saw a pillar of light exactly through our window, which descended gradually until it fell upon our room…we thought it was like Joseph Smith’s story.  Anyway, here’s me playing in some light.

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