Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Short and Sweet

General conference was in the stake center. There were a lot of people gathered and there were 4 Elders from Utah that got to watch the session in English :) :) I was one of those 4 elders. We had our own little room and our own little tv that we were huddled around and it was awesome!

I missed our Priesthood Session traditions so much that we went and got ice cream after just to keep our tradition going. I thought conference was really great though. 

I can´t believe I’m turning 19.... I asked my companion if I would feel more like a man..... He said probably not hahaha I feel like such a baby out here only being 18 years old when everybody else is 20 or more hahaha Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.  I miss you guys and it will be weird celebrating without you.

We ended up not going to the zoo last week because it was closed. We just went to lunch instead and that was good! We do usually try to go and do something fun on P-days and today we went to a zoo! I will send pictures as soon as I can find working wi-fi haha until then... You just have to wait... 

One thing I´ve learned from my mission though is the power of prayer.

Elder Lott

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