Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Good Week :)

Sometimes there`s lots happening here in good ol` Zacapa and sometimes nothing! The life of a missionary is crazy. I have a couple of pictures to send to you guys but I wasn`t able to make it to a place with Wi-Fi this week because we had a special stake conference and the church house that we went to wouldn`t accept the password or something... But the next time I can? They`ll be on the way. 

My learning opportunities this week came from Divisions with the Zone Leaders where I went to their area to work for the day and learned all the tips and tricks of Elder Malacara. I have learned how to contact people tons better and it`s improving all other areas of the work which is awesome. The other learning opportunity came from Stake Conference. The general authorities prepared a special conference for GUATEMALA!! That`s where I am!! It was super cool. We got to watch it in English and the funny thing was that they had to have a translator to translate it to English because the conference was in Spanish!! Hahaha too funny! We got to hear from Elder Bednar though and that was in English which was so awesome. He talked about consecrating yourself to the Savior which means dedicating yourself fully and it was really interesting. It was super fun to see all the other missionaries too!!

My personal prayers I always say in English but sometimes I say some words in Spanish and I have to correct myself and I`m always like oh no what is happening to me hahaha!!

The rat I think has left us.... I`m not really sure but we haven`t heard anything for a while so either he found a place to camp out or he left.... I often check my food storage just to be sure!

Who has touched my life...probably our ward mission leader Hno. Martinez. He is the nicest guy in the world and he truly has a love for the work. He is always asking us what he can do to help us and everything. We had our weekly missionary meeting this last Friday to discuss how our investigators are doing and everything and at the end of the meeting he told us how he thinks that we are as close to perfect as a human being can get…that missionaries to him are perfect. He shed a few tears and that really impacted me.

Someone`s life that I have touched I think would be Hno. Melvin`s because he`s always so excited to see me and he always listens so intently to what I have to say and I`m always super excited to see him because he is always super excited to see me!! Hahaha!

Showers. Oooof. I have forgotten what a warm shower feels like. I have literally gotten accustom to jumping into a freezing cold shower every morning and wow that is not fun. It`s alright though. It's a little bit short for me but not too bad.

It`s hard for me to think about snow in this weather... I just can`t picture anything but the blazing sun. That`s crazy that winter is starting...time for a blanket and the heater! Wow! I miss that!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner…I will definitely let you know if we find a feast to join for Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for all of you!
Elder Lott

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