Monday, November 23, 2015

Guatemala City Adventure

Happy Monday! 

To be honest this week was a little hard to have teaching moments. We had to travel to the capital this week. It was absolutely nuts. We had our P-Day and at the end of the P-Day the secretaries called and told us that we needed to travel to the capital that same day for Elder Vasquez´s VISA papers. It was already 6pm and the bus ride is 3 almost 4 hours. We were buying groceries for the week so we hurried and gathered all of that and raced home to gather stuff to spend the night in the capital. The Zone Leaders called and informed us that the last bus to the capital had already left and that we would need to leave at 4:30 in the morning to be in the capital on time...... Yikes.... So we went to bed so we could get up and get ready for the capital. We woke up and the city was DEAD so we had to walk to the terminal which is like 30 minutes on foot and oof that tuckers ya right out! We got there and watched the bus we were supposed to take leave.....we were just having tons of luck haha! But luckily there was another smaller bus that was leaving in just a few minutes that we boarded... It was a little crammed but hey what can you do right? We made it to the capital and a taxi picked us up and took us to the Church Office Building and there we met with the other missionaries that were there for the same thing. All the missionaries that needed to sign the papers left with the bus driver and the rest of us sat there and waited foreverrrrrr for them to return. After though, as we were leaving my teacher from the CCM pulled up and we got to talk for a while and he was impressed with my Spanish and everything and gave me a big hug and told me good luck with the rest of my mission and everything and it was so cool!! I didn´t bring my camera though cause I have heard that there is quite the problem with theft in the capital and I didn´t want to risk anything so that was a bummer..... But it was a great experience. After, the secretaries gave us money to return to Zacapa as well as eat Little Caesars and that was super awesome as well. It was absolutely crazy though. 

This is our entire house... It´s a little crazy but  it does make it easy to keep clean and tidy. We might end up looking for a new house though because it is kind of a pain to try to do anything.... We don´t have a place to study or cook really but I do try to make my best effort to keep it a place for the spirit to dwell. 

We went to Chiquimula this last P-day.  It´s the neighboring city that has all the malls and good places to eat and everything hahaha! It was awesome. We went to a place called Megapaca which is basically the DI but hugggggeeee!! We also went to a type of grocery store and you´ll never guess what I found there. Peanut Butter M&Ms..... I bought several to store them and snack on them hahaha! The other guy is Elder Fajardo. He is our Zone Leader actually! He´s a great guy and really knows how to teach with the spirit. Divisions with him are always a big learning moment!

The food picture is a Dominican Republic dish that Elder Vasquez cooked for me.  It’s called "Mangu" and it’s definitely different.  It´s egg, onion with lime, and a fruit called platino... it´s like a banana but on steroids and has a really different flavor.  It´s really good though. It tasted good and didn´t make me sick so that´s all that matters right?

As for Thanksgiving we don´t really have any plans... I think we will eat with the Bishop but we don´t really celebrate as missionaries because we will be out sharing this wonderful message! I think they talked about doing something as a zone though so we´ll have to see... Nothing secure yet... I am thankful for the leaders that I have, for my companion, for the scriptures that constantly provide new insight and guidance and for the Holy Ghost that is always helping us know where to go and what to do and what to say. 

Hardest rule to obey.... Hm.. Is this a trick question? I obey all the rules! Hahaha Probably the one I notice the most is starting our studies on time.... To prepare breakfast and shower and do exercise in the hour and a half that they give us is difficult to be ready to start personal study right at 8 o’clock..... I´m working on it though! 

This last Sunday I had to talk in sacrament again which seems to be an average thing nowadays but oh well, I thought it went pretty good. I talked about building our foundation on the rock of the Lord and used Helaman 5:12 the scripture that we memorized as a family and it was perfect. Then, that´s not all however, we had to teach the gospel principles class. Yikes! I have never done any of this let alone in Spanish!! New challenges every week but new blessings as well :) 

Here´s my spiritual experience for the week.... We talked with a man about a week ago and he told us that he would love for us to visit him... We swung by his house and he wasn´t there.  He was working. We saw him yesterday and he asked us why we hadn´t visited. We told him we did but he was working! He told us to come by this Wednesday and that he would clear his schedule because he would really like to be baptized he just needed help getting married so that he could be living all of the commandments. I read Alma 13:24 the other day and wow it is so true. The Lord is truly preparing his children; we just need to find them. 

Love and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Elder Lott

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