Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I'm still alive!

I made it through the first week of transfers!  I´m already training and it is absolutely nuts. I´m not going to lie I don´t like it one bit hahaha.  It is SUPER hard for me. I didn´t realize everything that Elder Yama did during our companionship but ohhhhh man it is so hard. Leading every single action we take... I´m bad at that... I always doubt myself and never know what I should do.... But I have gotten so much better.  I have gotten a lot more confident in myself and I´m learning little by little. Right now it´s super challenging to lead all the conversations and start all the lessons and then carry the lessons and know what to teach everybody and know what to study and know where to go and call members to come and help us and meet with the bishop and really everything right now but hey I know this challenge will only help me to grow. My district leader and my zone leaders have both reached how offering to help in any way they can…answering all my questions and any doubts that I have. I know that Heavenly Father has surrounded me with great leaders and great missionaries to help me in this calling. It has been amazing to realize that.  I´m learning fast and the Lord is with me every step of the way.

Elder Vazquez is from the Dominican Republic. He is only 18 years old and doesn´t turn 19 until like June or something.... He´s super young. He doesn´t speak a lick of English so that has been interesting but I have learned a lot and my Spanish has improved dramatically and continues to increase. I have had several people tell me that my Spanish is extremely well for having 4 months. They tell me that I´m basically fluent but I know that´s not true. However, it does reassure me that I am getting a lot a lot better!!

The only picture I managed to take this week was us here in our weekly planning session.  It’s pretty crazy during planning session and we had a lot to plan since we’re both trying to figure everything out

I asked if he ever played the piano:
I have offered to play the piano but have also said that I would like some time to practice.... And we never have time to stop by to play the piano... soooooo no I haven´t played it at all.

Sister Smith in our ward is from Mexico and told me that if I really wanted to know about where he was living to have him send me a picture of the market so I made that request:
Ohhhhhh wow.... she is smart! That´s true hahahaha it´s supppperrrrrr "chafa" is what they say here hahaha alright I´ll get you a picture of the market.... Don´t think about it too much. The whole city isn´t like that but ya it´s a little nuts.   I miss fall and winter so much hahahaha I would give anything for the temperature to drop below like 90 degrees.

I love you so much and am so glad all is going well!!

Elder Lott

There is no Halloween in Guatemala but instead El Día de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead where the dead are honored and remembered in a positive way. This celebration is in connection with the Catholic holidays of All Saints Day on November 1st and All Soul’s Day on November 2. I asked how the holiday was:
Really hard actually because we didn´t celebrate or do anything but TONS of the shops closed and it was SUPER hard to find somewhere to write you guys but all is well now!!  

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