Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Zona Alameda

We didn’t hear from Elder Lott yesterday.  We knew it was transfer week so we didn’t panic but received this short message this afternoon:

I´m sorry if I´ve caused stress and a little bit of worry.... To be honest.... I have been a little stressed and worried as well but now all is well. What happened is, I did indeed have transfers.... It was the craziest and most hectic day ever but I´m finally in my new zone with my new companion whose name is Elder Figueroa but I only have time to send a quick little letter saying that I´m alright and well.... You´ll have to save the questions for next week when I have a regular amount of time and can explain fully.... Don´t worry though I´m well and safe. Zona Alameda is where I’m at here in the capital.... Super different and I´ve already had to use a sweater because it´s nice and chilly here. The exact opposite of Zacapa hahaha!! More info next Monday…

Elder Lott

I am slightly familiar with Zona Alameda from the parent Facebook page…whenever missionaries go there, extra prayers are requested.  I know he’s in the Lord’s hands!

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