Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It's a Tecomate...

How did we celebrate New Year’s here in Guatemala? Well we celebrated by knocking doors and not teaching any lessons because I think even the dogs were drunk here in Zacapa hahaha to be honest that day was a little hard but we made it! We talked and waited out the night until midnight to watch all the fireworks go off and then woke up at 6:30 again the next day to hit the streets. Still lots of drunks but a little better haha!

Do you like my hobo picture? That was our dinner and we threw it on a stick that we found and that is exactly what we thought we looked like--a couple of hobos! Too funny.... It´s true though it´s something like a gourd. Here it´s called a Tecomate. It looks like it´s heavy but it actually weighs nothing--only the water is heavy. It´s super cool and super interesting. The best thing about this water bottle is it keeps the water fresh for like a week! If you put cold water in it, you can leave it out in the sun for a week and it will stay cold and fresh. Wow! That is just what we needed for here in Zacapa! Where was this incredible creation 6 months ago? ;) I thought it was awesome though. I feel like a real Guatemalan or something haha! 

These pictures were taken while we were on divisions. I was with Elder Reed in his area which was exactly what I sent you...a huge forest jungle looking thing. We crossed rivers and everything over rocks and under trees and wow it was like I was in Narnia or Lord of the Rings or something! It was super cool and we had lots of fun. He´s from California so we got to talk English the whole time except when we were in lessons! That was super fun. 

One of the most spiritual experiences we had is when we were teaching a young 14 year old about the Restoration of the Gospel and we were explaining how it happened to Joseph Smith. We opened the little pamphlet to the picture of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ standing above Joseph Smith and we just allowed the spirit to testify to this little guy and wow. The spirit was incredible! After we bore our testimonies and left. We talked about it all the way home. I´m almost positive that little guy will be baptized shortly and it was fun to be there for that lesson. 

Most scary or interesting experience of the week…probably New Years with all of the drunk people. Some nice and friendly, others the exact opposite! Needless to say we didn´t take the bus that day... Too scary haha! We may have been yelled at a few times but nothing too crazy ;) The truth is, it was a fun day. I think the drunk people here have the gift of tongues or something because they are always trying to talk to me in English and some of them actually do a pretty decent job... I don´t know if it´s the alcohol or what hahaha!! 

We have recently had some trouble with people that are robbing the missionaries here in Guatemala. The ATMs that we are using with the church credit cards...somehow people have hacked into it and when you try to pull money it goes to another account. Yikes! It´s kind of a big problem and the mission is working overtime to solve it.  As for now.... me and Elder Vasquez and are sharing money and for now we´ll survive off of Pan y Agua (Bread and Water ;) It´s awesome though. I love all these missionary experiences!

Happy New Year! 
Elder Lott

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