Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Something like that...

My new area is super different…the exact opposite really! It is freezing cold in the night, and I wear two layers of clothes to go to bed.  I wear a sweater every single day to contact and be out on the streets. I can´t tell if I like the cold or the hot better.... I´m actually enjoying the cold a little bit... I like putting on a sweater. (He always did like to dress up in a sweater!)

The ward is tons bigger and the members are super friendly and nice. We have already been invited to dinner like 3 times and we have an appointment to attend a FHE this Monday which is super different than Zacapa! So the ward is different!! The area is kind of small with lots of little streets and sub-streets and it´s super confusing but I´m learning little by little. We have like 10 baptismal dates and we are working harder than ever!

My companion is Elder Figueroa who was Elder Vasquez´ companion in the CCM so he only has like 3 almost 4 months in the mission so that´s kind of fun and he´s super fun. He´s warming up to me because I´ve shown him that I´m a jokester but I can work hard.  Elder Figueroa is from Honduras. He´s 19 as well but he´s super funny. He´s one of those shy people that you kind of have to pry open little by little but we´re getting along just great.  He speaks a little bit of English and has a strong desire to speak more so we try to speak as much of that as we can. Which reminds me…we had a lesson in English this week where I taught the whole lesson and it was kind of scary because I haven´t taught a lesson in English before haha!! The family works in a call center where they have to translate English to Spanish and Spanish to English like all day and they speak the two languages really well but they prefer English so they always asked the questions in English and I always responded and everything and it was crazy.

Oh also my new zone is super cool. There are like 4 or 5 people that are from the United States and they speak English.  We get to hang out in a group and it is SUPER nice to talk some English every now and then. I love it. There´s a big Hawaiian named Elder Nawahine and he´s super awesome. He´s so funny and we just clicked.  We enjoy laughing and talking about funny stories and stuff. There are 2 people that were in my zone in Zacapa but left before I did and now we´re reunited and that´s kind of fun too!

I´m babbling I think.... I don´t even know where to start I´m just so excited to talk to you guys!!  I haven´t asked permission to go back to Zacapa honestly... I think I will just ask for pictures unless Daniela specifically asks that I come back because I don´t know if I can go back.... It is super hard to make a change though. It´s crazy to think that I spent a fourth of my mission there and now I´m gone and I didn´t even realize how much time passed..... It was hard to say goodbye to the people in Zacapa but it was kind of exciting to enter a new area too.  There are some great people here that I love working with. Thank you for your prayers. I can feel the strengthening power that they give me.

In the Chapel where all the missionaries meet to go to their new zone I got to see Elder Fajardo as well as tons of other missionaries but it was super fun to see him because he just came up to me and gave me a big hug and told me how much he missed me and asked me how I was and everything. It was super fun to see him.

I´m in Zona 18 in a zone called La Alameda or I think Paraiso is more common....I´m not really sure. I will try to get some pictures for you guys because it´s super different. WAY different then Zacapa.... Maybe you can find it on google maps though or google earth or something haha ;)

Safe area.... Hmmmm.... Ya something like that ;) I know I´m in the Lord´s hands too and he´s protecting me every single day.

I don´t sweat even a drop and when it´s "hot" here to my companion I just smile and say I can´t wait till you serve in Zacapa hahaha ;) The lightweight blanket isn´t super warm but two pairs of socks and two layers of clothing does the trick and I sleep peacefully. There are lots of loud motorcycles and cars here though which is a little annoying but it´s alright. 

This picture is of our old zone in Zacapa! That was our last day together.

And these pictures are the ones of the Merkado (market) in Zacapa that I promised you! 

Oh and the fruit dish, the thing underneath is sweet and condensed milk yummmmy :)

All is well... I have a little cold that has been bugging me for quite some time but it´ll be gone before I know it.

The church is true and it changes lives. I love seeing the blessings and miracles that the Lord offers.

Elder Lott

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