Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Skype

Our Christmas Skype was fabulous!  Seeing and speaking with your missionary is such an incredible gift and Elder Lott is doing great!  He said he had been practicing English in the mirror before we connected. We wanted to share him with all of you so here he is:

 You will probably not be able to view this clip from a hand held device...try your computer :)

We coordinated our Christmas call just briefly on Christmas Eve.  He said the streets there were PACKED with SO many people and SO much traffic!  They were able to get all of their shopping done and had small gifts for some families and little treats for the kids.  They were excited for Christmas Day and truly had the Christmas Spirit.

Their agenda for Christmas Day was filled from like 6 o'clock until 9 o'clock.  They had dinner planned with seven different families.  (I'm so grateful for all of these good people!) Elder Lott thought he might gain 20 pounds on Christmas.  He was hoping for a variety in the menu but was expecting tamales as that is the traditional Christmas Dinner there. He said they celebrate differently in Guatemala.  The tradition there is everyone gets a new outfit on Christmas Eve.  (I love the simplicity and may need to adopt that tradition!)

When we Skyped on Christmas, they were awaiting transfer information from the Assistants.  We did get a P-Day update Monday afternoon: 

Alright so transfers..... well me and my companion are both staying actually!! New elders are coming to the two areas that we are missing.  Elder Brubaker is going to be training a new elder and that's about it!  Super crazy transfers! I'm actually super excited about it!! One more transfer to baptize all those that we couldn't baptize this month :)
We got the thumbs up on the new place we found! The new place will have water always.... that's what the owners told us anyway... probably be warmer too cause it's on the second floor and not like basement level right?  We found a member with a truck and he is going to help us move all of our stuff….beds, refrigerator, everything!

I’m looking forward to working with all the missionaries this week and the monthly meeting we have with all the other leaders on Thursday!!

Adios 💗
Elder Lott

 Elder Brubaker and Elder Lott - Guatemala City Temple Grounds - December 2016

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