Thursday, January 5, 2017


How is everyone?

The celebrations for Christmas and New Years here are basically the same. Just tons and TONS of fireworks in every single house here and lots and lots of food. The people here make lots of food and snacks that they don't make throughout the whole year like we do with Christmas fudge so there's lots of good food for the holidays. Most of the people are too busy to hang out with the missionaries but others are happy to welcome the missionaries and give them food :)

We got all moved into our new apartment. Nothing like a good move to clean things up! It's lots smaller, but it's super clean and everything is in order. We have water every day and even have hot water to shower in.  The hot water comes right out of the shower head already heated up and it’s amazing!! The new house is super warm all the time too.  In fact, at like noon it's burning hot in our house because it's upstairs and the sun is hitting it all day.  Moving is basically the worst thing ever but I'm glad we did it because having a new house where everything is clean and nice is super wonderful.  Life is great!

Hey I saw David and Janet!!!  They came looking for me in my area and they found me! They came to give me a Christmas gift with some chocolates. It was so fun to see them and talk for a minute. They said they're going to cook for me and my comp and then bring us the food so I'm excited for that too.

Almost every single companionship in our zone is in training right now but I think we’re helping them lots.  There is a brand-new missionary from Wyoming that came to our zone.  He came here right out of the CCM.  He’s a little scared and reminds me of days past.  I try to be for him somebody that he can talk to in English and express his frustrations and everything because that's always what I wanted!! I don't really remember those days until I see somebody else going through them and then I remember it like it was yesterday! Throwing yourself into a new country not knowing a bit of the language is probably the one of the biggest challenges ever. But it's super cool in the end to look back and see all of the progress. 

Our leader meeting with President Crapo was super good. We talked about the changes coming up in the new schedule for the mission and the new mission standard as well and how we can work better with the members and everything. It was a great meeting.  I always learn a lot from President Crapo.

No, our Sunday schedule didn’t change…just stays the same.  I haven't ever been in a ward here that starts after 9. It has always been at 9 or at 8.... yikes!

We are still hoping to have at least like 3 or 4 baptisms for January.... Lots of faith!

Gotta go…we're about to go eat dinner with a family and then visit another family and call it a day.

Happy New Year!

Elder Lott

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