Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

Last week was pretty good!! It went by like SUPER quick. We had lots to do so it flew by.  We have been working and helping our investigators and looking for new investigators and all that fun stuff!

We had stake conference yesterday and President Crapo came!  It was a super good conference! We had to wake up at 5 in the morning to make it by bus to the stake center by 8 but it was a great conference. We heard from President and Sister Crapo and then from the Second counselor in the temple presidency here in Guatemala and it was super awesome. They gave great talks. President Crapo talked about getting rid of bad habits and why it´s important and Sister Crapo talked about choosing to be happy through whatever circumstance. The gentleman from the temple presidency spoke about the temple and the importance of making the temple a part of our lives and why it will help us.  There were lots of good talks. 

Mother’s Day is on Wednesday here in Guatemala so I can call any day this week.  We are going to borrow a tablet from one of the members and go to the chapel I think so you guys choose the day and the hour and I´ll be there!!  My companion is going to talk to his Mom tomorrow so I guess I´ll see how he does it and then I´ll just do the same thing hahaha.

Elder Lott

We were kind of able to talk with Elder Lott today (Saturday) for our Mother’s Day call.  They often get invitations for dinner while at church on Sunday so it’s hard for him to schedule time, get equipment and call on Sunday.  He was a little pixelated and sometimes blurry and always difficult to hear but it was him and we were happy to have a face to face conversation--truly a Mother’s Day treasure! We are counting the days to his return but he is really trying to stay focused.  He is happy and healthy and looking forward to a baptism next Saturday.  He loves Guatemala and has mixed emotions about his mission coming to an end. 

He will be reporting his mission in the Woods Cross 11th Ward (1335 West 1500 South, Woods Cross) on Sunday, June 18th (Father’s Day).  Our Sacrament Meeting starts at 1:00 p.m.

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