Thursday, May 25, 2017

I love Guatemala so much!

All is going super well!! We had our baptism this last Saturday!!  There were tons of members there to support her and her family came and I got to baptize her and it was really neat.  I was surprised that she asked me to baptize her too because she has a friend here in the ward that could have baptized her but it was awesome.  I don't really have any good pictures but I did snag a couple and I'll get those to you guys probably next week cause I don't have my camera....

I love watching the gospel change lives.  She was going through a hard time too and said the gospel has really blessed her life and now her and her sister are like helping each other and encouraging each other and its super awesome!

The work is going super well. We invited 4 people to be baptized this last week. 2 in June and 2 in July... the two in July have to get married so we pushed the date back a little for them but we're having tons of success in our area and President Crapo told us that our area is an example for the whole mission. 

Recent spiritual experience.... well the family that we invited to be baptized on Saturday was a pretty spiritual experience. They have been going to church for a while but they're not married so they haven't been baptized so we share a little story from the Book of Mormon that talks about goals and helped them set goals and now they're going to get married in June and baptized in July. Also one of the families that Elder Goodwin and I were working with in Lomas del Norte got baptized on Saturday after a long journey and lots of hard work and effort... that was super special... I didn't get to go because we had a baptism but Elder Goodwin got to go and baptize the Mom I believe... super special!

Elder Renlund is the Apostle coming for the multi-mission conference on June 6th.  I’m super excited! It will be such a great experience!  When Elder Rasband came, it was the greatest and this will be with like 3 other missions!

Your weather has been crazy.  You think it’s finally summer there are we are entering the rainy season right now... it gets a little chilly in the night but I think it will probably be just about the perfect transition as far as heat goes hahaha!

I don’t have my travel information but President Crapo sent my goals sheet last week.  I just started working on it today... so weird to be working on this...

I love Guatemala so much.

See you soon!
Elder Lott

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