Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I GET TO STAY WITH MY COMPANION!!!!!  YESSSSS!!!!!  I was so happy!!  We´re going to have an awesome last transfer.  So, needless to say, I´m doing mighty fine.  I feel good and I’m happy and our area is doing good and everything is just going super good.   I really think we´ll have an awesome last transfer.  I didn’t get the packet for my return.  Supposedly it comes like 3 weeks from the end. I’m pretty sure that all comes through email and I think that will come within the next couple weeks but I´ll keep you guys posted for sure.

Investigator progress... just a little while ago we baptized a girl and now we are teaching her sister. It was super cool because we invited her to her sister’s baptism and then she felt the Spirit and she´s super interested now so she´s progressing super quick!!

There are 2 sister missionaries in our zone, one companionship! Most of the sister missionaries are serving outside of the capital though for the danger that there is here inside the capital.

Do you wanna know why I haven’t sent any pictures lately? Because ALL of my pictures... I´m talking EVERY SINGLE ONE of my pictures got deleted on my memory card.  It was the worst day of my life but luckily I found a member that had a card recovery program and he was able to recover the pictures.  Such a blessing!  Here are some pictures of our temple trip like not last thursday but the thursday before. 

 (I'm pretty sure this is his companion...Elder Doñas)

 Elder Goodwin

Remember Elder Figueroa!  We were serving in the same zone but he had transfers.  
He's going to Zona La Laguna tomorrow! 


 This other gringo is Elder Wilde.  He's from Sandy.

The session was in Spanishhhhh!  I only speak Spanishhhhhh!  I can´t speak English!  I can only write in English!  Hahaha  (I’m starting to question his ability to write in English!  I hope we don’t need a translator when he returns :)

I will only get to go to the temple one more time with President and the other missionaries that are going home.  I LOVE the TEMPLE!

Hey but I probably gotta head...we´re going to go do some grocery shopping and then to play soccer.

Elder Lott

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