Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Placed my first Book of Mormon

My last letter was kind of lame and I apologize. I was trying to respond to everyone and I just don't have enough time. So I'm going to write mom and tell her to show it to all of you to save some time so I can get into some details with you. 

This week was pretty basic... Lots and lots of Spanish... but what's new? Hahaha here we go though. Today we got to tour into the city. Our first time out of the CCM and it was so nice to get out. But here's the kicker. We went into town into the center plaza with a Book of Mormon and were asked to contact and place our Books. So I did just that. Found a nice sweet older lady and just spoke all the Spanish I knew. Bore my testimony and gave her that book. She seemed way excited about it. She told me she would read it and started reading it before I had even left. So I was super stoked on that. 

Hahaha another story for you... So we have this "investigator" who is really our teacher that we've been working on for some time now and we planned a lesson on the Word of Wisdom. Me and Elder Massey were delivering this powerful message and then we asked Elder O'Driscoll (the boy at the airport that I left with) to bare his testimony and he brought up tithing. Out of the blue just threw tithing at him. So he started asking about tithing like any investigator would and we had not prepared a lesson on that at all. So we totally made up some spanish to try and describe but our lesson went downhill hahahaha we definitely chewed him out after that. We laugh about it now though so it's all good. 

It's definitely rough but I know Heavenly Father is blessing me and is right here with me. I feel the strength of your prayers and I'm so grateful for you guys. 

I love you guys!!!

Elder Lott

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