Friday, July 31, 2015

Last week in the CCM

Sorry for the delay in posting Elder Lott’s email.  Royal and I have been on trek this week.  It was an awesome experience!  I did get a few answers to some questions.  His letter makes more sense if you know what the questions were so they are in italics.

Last week in the CCM!! I've made it!! This far at least ;) I will head to the mission home and from there I will be assigned a companion and start the work in the field. I cannot even wait. That's crazy.

Will you spend a few days in the Mission Home?  Have you even met President and Sister Crapo?

I haven't seen the President or his wife...and I'm not sure if I'll spend any time in the mission home.. We'll see I guess! 

Tell me about the market.  Do they have granola bars and snacks like we have here?  Is the market just like a grocery store?

The market was definitely a new experience.... It was kind of dirty and gross but at the same time like one of the nicer markets they had... So that was interesting... We got to eat candy and stuff though so that was definitely a highlight... I was able to checkout in Spanish so that's awesome! But yes the market just had tons of snacks and candy like a grocery store kind of! 

Tell me about the bugs...are you seeing lots of mosquitos or bed bugs?  Are they causing you any problems?

I haven't had any problems with bugs at all yet.. But we've had several firesides concerning our safety with the bugs so I'm sure I'll see more of it out in the field... But I’m ready! I'm well prepared!! 

How's your stomach dealing with the change in food?

The first couple weeks my stomach was a little upset but now it's totally good... Nothing bothering me anymore... The food is... alright... nothing better though hahah ;)

I'm doing my best out here! We get to hear from a member of the 70 tonight! I'll tell you all about it next week in THE FIELD!!!

Tell everybody I love them so much and really appreciate the prayers and support

Elder Lott

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