Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First Temple Visit - MTC District

Nothing eventful happened this week... I think the most eventful thing was that we gave Elder Massey a haircut and none of us knew what we were doing so we all kind of passed the hair clipper around and did some damage but it ended up actually turning out okay hahaha too funny. We also got to go to the temple today! We just got back actually! Thankfully President Cox does the session and we can do it in English cause I don't know enough Spanish yet haha. I'm getting there though. The Spanish is actually working out really well. I'm making more and more progress every day--it's awesome. It's crazy how real the gift of tongues is!

The weather is perfect right now. There's usually a lot of cloud cover and some random rain and then the temperature is perfect. When the sun is directly on you it can be a little hot but it's not too crazy at all! The night time I've been sleeping with no blankets--it gets pretty hot in our room... So nope the weather is either pretty nice or a little too warm but I'm definitely not complaining haha one of my teachers is actually from Guatemala City East and I talk to him about weather and stuff and he says I'm going to love it so that's awesome! Short sleeves ALL the time! 

We eat lots of beans and rolls as well as potatoes and then like taco like stuff... burrittos, enchiladas, spaghetti, I don't know... We're pretty pampered here at the CCM haha

I'm halfway done with the CCM. I'm so excited to get out into the field it's crazy. I'm a little nervous but mostly excited. 

I can't wait for all the Elders and Sisters from home to join me in the mission field! I've been hearing from some of them! The Church is true! They're going to love it!!!

As for the support I can definitely feel the prayers. The support and prayers and love is much needed and I'm so grateful for everybody. Thank you.

Elder Lott

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