Thursday, August 13, 2015


Brayden was able to upload some pictures but forgot to include him in them.  He has arrived in Zacapa :)

This week was insane; I left the CCM on Tuesday at about 7:30am. We drove to the mission home and we went through all the orientation stuff and learned all about missionary work and yada yada yada and then they said alright well we'll send an email to your family saying that you made it safe! I was like... Wait what?  But they shipped me off in a bus. 3 or 4 hours outside of the capital to Zacapa. Everyone was speaking Spanish to me and I'm honestly not quite sure how I made it here. Miracles. The church is true. I got here. My companion picked me up from the bus stop, his name is Elder Yama and he's from Mexico. Of course I get a native companion when I know next to zero Spanish right? ;) Luckily he actually knows quite a bit of English so we're able to communicate pretty well. I know enough Spanish and he knows enough English that we can like put sentences together ya know? Seriously though he picked me up from the bus stop, we went and put my bags down in the apartment and then we were off. I didn't even have time to get a drink of water. I was super overwhelmed on the first day here I'm not going to lie. But now it's good. I'm getting to know the area, I'm getting to know the bus system, I'm getting to know the language everything just happens so fast.

It’s hotter than the Sahara Desert here and I do feel like a giant hahaha but I keep a smile on my face and try to encourage and uplift everybody even though I don't really know Spanish. But it's alright. I'm hanging in there.

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