Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Missionary Life

It appears he’s busy and happy…couldn’t ask for anything more!  We tried asking a few specific questions and got a few answers.  If you have any questions you would like asked, just leave them in the comment section.

Tell us about your missionary experiences.

I bore my testimony to an investigator the other day about the atonement or something to that affect... It was good.

We didn’t get any pictures on Sunday, is everything okay?

There wasn´t anything wrong I just didn´t have any time... I had to give a talk in sacrament and then after we taught the next class and then left.... Gosh it was so stressful... I will upload all the pictures next week!! Check again next week!!

It’s starting to cool down here, how about there?

It’s so crazy to think that the climate is changing there where the climate here never changes... Oh I would give anything to feel like I needed to put a jacket on hahaha If I put a jacket on here I would probably die... But I guess I´m kinda getting used to it haha loving all this sweat ;)

Tell us about your routine.

My routine is wake up, get ready, study personal, companion, additional, and idioma (English translation: language), and then we eat lunch. After that we just contact and teach and talk to everyone and knock doors for the rest of the day! From about 1 to 9 that´s what we´re doing... Definitely exhausting.... Wow... I´m beat by the time we get back... But I can always feel the Savior´s help when I start to get tired.. It´s actually incredible. Missionary work is so cool.

How and what are you eating? *This is probably the fourth time I’ve asked this question*

For breakfast? We eat cereal usually... But sometimes we make some crazy concoctions with eggs and bacon and tortillas or we´ll make some pasta or mix it all together or make a sandwich with eggs.. I don´t really know... I just eat really anything... I can´t believe I haven´t gotten sick yet.. My companion told me I´m the first gringo that he´s ever met that hasn´t been sick in like the first couple weeks... He tells everyone that I have a strong stomach and they always look at me super impressed and I feel super good about myself hahaha

Meals we eat breakfast and lunch together... and then Dinner sometimes we eat with an Hermano in our ward but no usually it´s just us two! My companion is pretty good at cooking I guess! Really we just throw random stuff together and hope that it tastes good hahahaha But we´ve found some pretty good stuff actually!! Our ward mission leader´s wife does our laundry and that´s super nice. So we´re covered there :)

We have lots of water and then occasionally we get root beer and we always have a little supply of chocolate milk hahaha also we have yogurt that I eat lots of and it´s superrrr good. The fruit is good too. I didn´t believe it would be that different but man this stuff is rich. I love it.

Love you all!
Elder Lott


  1. - Do you look like a giant walking down the street?

    - Have you eaten anything exotic? (like a monkey, or ox elbows, or snake venom soup, etc.) Follow up question: Did it give you super-human strength?

    - How frequently are you chased by a pack of macaws? (no not a flock, an entire PACK of them...)

    1. Hey, I only get three questions a week...I'm afraid to ask the exotic food question. I only seem to get vague answers which I'm guessing translated means "you don't want to know."