Monday, August 31, 2015

Political Craziness

There is some political craziness here.... There have been a few riots that are a little intense and the policemen are often out and about right about now but we´re taken good care of by the Lord through members and everything. We haven´t been in any danger though so don´t you worry :)  We were in the church on Friday for a live conference from Elder Nelson! He didn´t visit Guatemala because of this protesting but we were able to watch a live stream of him from the stake center in Chiquimula! We´re safe at our house there´s only one area that´s really questionable and we avoid it. I think it´s a lot worse in the capital though so that´s why he couldn´t come.

Spanish is coming along. Definitely progressing. I have felt actually useful this week in contacting and teaching parts of the lessons so that is AWESOME! Families yes... We´re working on finding more because we only have a couple right now and they´re kind of unreliable but yes we do have a few. We have a family that we found and even challenged to baptism the other day. It´s incredible to see the Lord work through us. I see a bright future ahead with them though so I´m super excited about them! Service opportunities? Not really... We´ve only done one and it was ´putting chips in a bag to give to the kids in primary... But we keep looking!!

I didn´t really realize how much of a giant I was... In the new house we moved into the shower head doesn´t move and I´m taller than the shower head.  It´s actually super funny.

No time…I’m going to lunch with the zone leaders and possibly to do divisions but I will let you know all about it next week!!

Love, Elder Lott

Pictures are from a great pday!! I got super sunburnt but it was definitely awesome.

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