Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It's super HOT here!

I´m trying to take lots of pictures so you can really get a feel for everything about here.

The apartment was a mess.   I literally worked on it for the whole pday last week... It was rough but It´s worth it... It was disgusting... It still has some work to do but I´m working on it little by little... My companion helps! We´re a pretty good little team. 

Elder Yama is a very hard worker and super dedicated which helps the days go by as well which is super nice. Life is good here in Zacapa it´s just super hot hahaha

These are pictures of a hike we took with a half-member, half-investigator family.  They’re awesome!
The lizard the Family caught! They probably ate it by now but ya it was super weird and gross but cool hahaha but ya there´s always a new adventure in Zacapa... Lots and lots of stuff to see and crazy stuff that you would never see in United States hahaha
The living is just grand mom don´t worry about me.   I'm figuring it all out still but for now? All is superb! It´s just like living at home! Not really.... It´s a lot poorer and super gross but hey, like I said, I´m cleaning hahaha but ya the supermarket just has a lot of the stuff that I would eat at home... That´s our next stop actually! 

I miss just having long chats.... It´s hard to express all my feelings in Spanish. I´m trying to focus and just work hard... Some days it´s just a little hard. But I´m doing good and my testimony is growing. It´s going great though.  I love it here. The people are super nice and life is good.

Elder Lott

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