Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Thanksgiving was a buzzkill... We weren´t able to do anything but today we ate with a member to make up for it and pictures will be coming of what we ate. It was good but it wasn´t quite the thanksgiving dinner I´m used to ;)   I feel like the portions of food they give me here are very small... I mean look at me... I´m a giant compared to these cute Guatemalan people. I need to eat at least double what they eat but it´s alright hahaha!

Our Wednesday appointment went well.... We are working with a few investigators but it´s a very slow process here... A lot of them don´t understand the message and we have to explain it very slow with lots of examples for them to understand. Right now we aren´t working on the wedding but I´m sure within the next few visits we will be. 

Ya it´s about 36 degrees here too!!..... but in Celsius hahahaha ohhhh ya nice and chilly ;) Really I would love to put on a sweater or a jacket. There are people here who put on a sweater or jacket when there´s a slight breeze. They tell me I´m crazy cause I´m in my short sleeves running around with a smile on my face. I just tell them oh no this is absolutely wonderful weather. It´s snowing where I live right now and that is cold. This is oh so sweet right now. 

Elder Vasquez made another dish for me but I´ll have to send that picture next week, it was pretty good though! I cook some good ol´egg sandwiches or some mac and cheese for Elder Vasquez but usually he just cooks for himself because he loves it. We´ve been talking to a member however and she´s going to cook us lunch and dinner every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and we´ll just pay her weekly! It is such a blessing because wow it is hard to come by food these days. ;) 

This is me with the bishop. He´s a great guy and he told me in that picture that I was the last speaker in sacrament meeting and I almost cried and then he told me he was joking... Hahahaha! 

Nice try, Mom….but the bars ARE there because it’s not safe... They don´t really do a good job if they were there to keep the bugs out haha!

Yes, we always wear long sleeve shirts to church and right when we get home we change because there is no such thing as a chilly day in Zacapa and whew it´s hot enough as it is. We have to dress up a little but though! With the change in call packet my companion didn´t bring a suit so we don´t wear suits to church anymore just a long sleeve to dress up a little bit! 

I miss you all and hope that all is well!!

Elder Lott

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