Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It was a FEAST!

Transfers went into effect about 3 hours ago. I´ll be staying here in Zacapa with Elder Vasquez for at least one transfer. That´s alright though because I wanted to stay here for this transfer and maybe leave the next transfer because it´s going to start entering the months of "summer" and I don´t even want to know what "summer" feels like here--supposedly it´s an average of 110 degrees and I don´t want to die here haha! In transfers we said goodbye to one of our zone leaders Elder Fajardo who has actually had a big impact on me. He has taught me a lot and is a really good example with an incredible testimony. He is close to finishing his mission and I´m not sure if I´ll see him again but it was good while it lasted and I´m grateful for all that he taught me. 

So this was our Thanksgiving feast—rice, some fresh killed chicken (yikes!) and those yellow looking things are those platanos that are like bananas but bigger.  It’s a delicacy here I guess and they cost a pretty penny.  The portions were definitely upped from normal for our feast and it filled me right up haha! Oh ya the chicken and everything is super fresh here. I was able to not think of the chicken and eat cause I would put lots of rice with a little chicken but it didn´t bother me too bad. It was the seeing it before being cooked part that was a little sickening hahaha! Actually, the people are really picky about refrigerated goods here and most people won´t buy that kind of stuff which is kind of crazy and something I´m not used to... I definitely prefer the refrigerated stuff and I don´t notice that big of difference in taste but hey what do I know ;) However the fruit here is delicious. I do notice a difference in that. It is always SUPER fresh. We pass by fields of fruit all the time and people are always working out there in the fields and stuff and it´s nice and fresh which is cool! I miss everything about home cooking…the variety, the taste, the talks at the dinner table, oh and definitely the hamburgers.

I found Nutella!  There´s a guy in our ward that travels to the capital every week to buy groceries from a place called "Pricesmart" It´s basically the Guatemala version of Costco where you have to get a membership and it´s just a huge store filled with everything you can think of. He showed us some pictures of it and I saw Nutella in one of the pictures and asked if he could pick me up some and I would pay him back. He loves us! He always gives us sandwiches randomly for dinner and everything so he agreed and OHHHHH wow it is so yummy. A nice treat!

I still haven´t gotten like sick sick just a little upset stomach sometimes but nothing crazy. Everyone tells me that I´m the first "gringo" they have met that isn´t in the bathroom for the first transfers of their mission hahaha!

This is a picture of our “companion study”.  We were planning a lesson.  I was searching for a couple of scriptures to use, turned around and he was OUT!  I just couldn’t resist so I pulled the same prank on Elder Vasquez that Elder Yama pulled on me.  I pressed the button and as it was beeping I just started screaming "HOMBRE!!! HOMBRE!!! FUEGO FUEGO!!!" He was up and running and then I just burst out laughing and he wanted to kill me but it was super awesome. 

Thank you so much for the conference talks. I miss English talks so much and I am so excited to read them. They´re printed and I have them right here. That´s awesome that you got to attend the Christmas devotional!! We got watch it in English--to see the temple and the temple lights and everything and to have all the speakers talk about family traditions and the Christmas spirit made me miss home a little or a lot but I recovered and all is well. The Christmas season is definitely a lot different at home--let´s just say that!
Love you TONS and hope that all is well!
Elder Lott

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