Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

Elder Lott let us know the Monday before Christmas that our Skype call would be on Saturday.  We were a little sad to wait one more day…until we were on our way to the University Hospital Christmas morning. Royal’s Mom had two massive strokes and passed away later that night. We were reminded that Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives even when we don’t realize it. We were able to Skype with Elder Lott on Saturday. He was so happy!  There was a darling little girl (three years old) whose room he had taken over at the Bishop’s home who came running in to see his family. He struggled a bit to translate from Spanish to English and we savored every minute with him. Towards the end of our conversation, we were able to tell Brayden that Grandma Lott had passed away.  We shed tears together.  He looked at Royal and said “Dad, are you alright?” To which Royal responded “Yes, I’m alright.” Elder Lott said “Okay, if you’re alright, then I’m alright” and headed back to work.  After we disconnected, we realized the tender mercy was all ours.  He truly lifted our spirits and is a great inspiration to us.

He wanted to assure Mom he was taking good care of his teeth—brushing and flossing like a good Sonny.

He was super proud of the creative Christmas tree he and Elder Vasquez had made with their limited space. I was pretty impressed myself.

This is the “hug” from home we sent him for Christmas.

He showed us the mosquito bite that caused the Sica.  Some missionaries have been more affected than others.  Elder Lott seemed to get off pretty good with just an annoying rash all over. (Thanks to all the extra prayers!)  On Monday he reported:  The Sica is tons better. I don´t even see it anymore and don´t even notice that it´s there. So that´s super good. One of the sisters in the area has come down with Sica now.... All the missionaries have had it and it´s kind of fun to be a part of the group that has already passed through it haha!

We are happy to report that Elder Lott is doing great!  He is truly loving his mission!  We know Grandma is watching over our missionary from a different vantage point now.  Thanks to all of you for your love and support!

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