Monday, February 1, 2016

Getting Better :)

My cold is finally getting better. I don´t know that it helps that I have to wake up and take a freezing cold shower when I’m already freezing cold in the morning..... I think it´s kind of hard for my body to stay healthy but I´m finally feeling tons and tons better. I think I had something else though because I actually was having pain in my neck and my lower spine as well as some crazy headaches but I´m actually feeling tons better. I think I have finally gotten rid of it :)

The truth is.... Not much to protect me from the mosquitoes.... During the night we run around in sweaters and my whole body is protected... I think the only time that they could get me is when I´m sleeping at night but I can´t do much there. I try to sleep with everything but my face covered but I don´t know how I move or what I do in the night haha! Nah I´m not experiencing anything from the mosquito virus. I´m completely healed and the Lord is taking good care of me :) 

The apartment is TONS bigger than the Zacapa closet. I feel like I´m living in a mansion after that haha! We have a member that does our laundry and she uses a laundry machine actually.  She lives super close so we are able to drop clothes off and pick clothes up pretty freely and it´s super nice.

The members here are super awesome! They are super loving and accepted me in as part of the family super quick. They all love that I´m a white boy with blue eyes. Every single person here loves the eyes haha it´s a secret weapon I guess ;) We are often invited to eat which is super nice and there are several members here that can join us on our visits. It´s super different than Zacapa but this is one of the positive differences right? ;) 

I think we might be having a baptism this Saturday.... It´s a little unsure though so we´ll see.

Elder Lott

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