Tuesday, February 16, 2016


It was so much fun to go to the temple and have a baptism and I had to take tons of pictures to remember it all and share it with you guys :) 

This is another gringo!  His name is Elder Brubaker and he was born in Hawaii but doesn´t remember it cause he was a baby... So he just says he´s from Arizona. He´s super fun and we always get together because we enjoy speaking some English together haha! The temple is beautiful and it was so much fun to be able to go back.


Here are pictures of our baptism.  His mother is the younger one with another baby on the way and that´s his grandmother... She doesn´t really receive us but she supports him and that´s what´s important. He loved dressing up in white though and told me that we both looked like "angelitos" and it was super fun. 

We played some Foosball in the Taco Bell that´s right next to the temple and had a little mini party. It was super fun too. This week has just been super fun!  My companion is still a little shy but likes to joke around with me which is fun. We work hard and we have been seeing lots of success in the area which is so awesome.

The Spanish language is coming right along. I finally feel like I have quite the hold on the language. I can express myself and ask questions and everything and I feel pretty comfortable with the language but I still say my personal prayers in English...that´s like the only opportunity I have to speak English :)

The truth is this area is pretty crazy....we leave everything behind in the house but we leave with faith! I´m truly grateful for your prayers and know that they are giving me strength and support every single day.

Love you all!
Elder Lott

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