Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Que bonita sus ojos"

This week has been honestly just fantastic! We had a baptism Saturday. We baptized a little nine year-old that just loves me because I´m white and have blue eyes. He always tells me how bright and beautiful they are... "Que bonita sus ojos" he tells me haha! In fact, he even asked me if I would baptize him!! It was such a neat experience. We got all dressed in white and it was so fun to walk down into the font with him with his wide eyes looking up at me with pure excitement. (the water was freezing cold by the way and that was a little bit of a shock for me but it was worse for the little guy cause he had to get dunked ;) and then today.... WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!! It was so amazing!!! I miss it so much!!

I’m still a little bit sick but mostly just like runny nose from the cold and stuff and sometimes I have a little cough but I´m drinking more water and taking my vitamins and I´m getting rid of it so that´s not a big problem. My testimony is growing like crazy. Every single day it is strengthened. It´s crazy how our testimony really is like a muscle and when we exercise that muscle it grows. When I´m out testifying of the truthfulness of this gospel every day, wow it has grown tremendously! I´m on a spiritual high…the baptism and the temple have just been the best. Definitely the highlight of this transfer has been this week!

Look!  I´m eating something that maybe you guys are eating ;) It´s not quite as cheap but it is a little piece of home and it is so worth it hahaha :) There are a lot of food places here in the city that are places like we have at home so that´s fun!

This Jenga picture comes from our meeting at our District Leader´s house for Pday.  We played Jenga and Uno and stuff as a district and it was super fun. This is my new companion.

I will be sending some pictures of our baptism but the truth is that it´s kind of hard to take the camera out of the house´s a tad bit unsafe... I actually don´t carry much besides my scriptures hahaha ;)  We have been able to bring some of the Priests along on some of our visits and it has been fun to think that just a short time ago I was one of these Priests... They seem so little though!

Everything is so crazy and so busy but that´s a good thing right? I think that´s all I got for today..... There´s probably something more but I can never remember it all... I need to start writing it down.

With love,
Elder Lott

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