Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Working Hard!

I am doing super good. The week was awesome. We have just been working and working and working and more working and oh when I hit the bed it is oh so nice ;) We are seeing a lot of progress in several of our investigators and that is so rewarding. We just have to keep working hard and we will be seeing baptisms like the middle of March. Super exciting :) 

No I never bought a blanket..... First of all because I don´t know where to look for one and second of all we never have time to look for one haha! I´m doing good though. The weather is changing and it has been a lot warmer lately and I don´t have to sleep with 2 layers on ;) 

Transfers are next week already.... Crazy how fast time flies by.... I will definitely be staying.... I think my companion will too but I´m not positive.... If not... Hopefully I know the area well enough to be able to teach a new elder the area hahah! :) 

Life is good here in... well..... Loud, crazy Alameda and all is well :) 

Con amor,
Elder Lott

P.S.  The temple session was in Spanish... I meant to mention that but I forgot.... It was super different but the spirit was the same. It was super fun and I absolutely loved being able to visit the temple again. 

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