Monday, June 20, 2016


This week has been kind of a crazy week. Wednesday we had a multizone conference with President Crapo and 3 other zones. I didn`t get to see any of my companions though so that was kind of a bummer but we did get to learn lots about planning and how important it is to really plan your day and your week. When we have an effective planning session, we have an effective day! It was a good reminder and I enjoyed it! Then on Thursday, I went on divisions with the Elders in my district and I went to their area in Pinares and got to meet their investigators and work there with Elder Flores but I forgot my camera and I didn`t get to take any pictures this day and I was so bummed. Next time I won`t forget though. 

My investigators are doing good. We are going to have a baptism this Saturday with two little kids--Moroni and Mia. They’re brothers and they’re super awesome. They have really grown to love us and have developed a testimony of the gospel even though they’re only 9 and 10 year olds. They`re so... Innocent... I don`t know how to describe it but they’re so excited for their baptism and so are we! I`ll grab some pictures for sure. We have a couple more but they’re a little further down the road. We’re on fire though and it`s so awesome. The mission is so great!!!

Dad, that is so awesome that you went on splits with the missionaries!  I imagine that was quite a new experience for you because it was for me the first time I did it but now it`s what we do everyday! That`s so awesome!! How is Elder Painter? Did you guys just talk about the Restoration of the Church and stuff or did you talk about other topics of the church? That`s so fun!! Well, hey...I can say that whenever we go home teaching again, I`ll be a lot more useful instead of just being your partner ;) 

Yes, they celebrate Father’s Day here. It was this past... Friday I think... I`ve lost track of all the holidays there in the US. Sometimes the people here ask me like when do you celebrate this? And I’m like..... Uh..... I don’t even remember. But I’m going to send some pictures of me and my companion celebrating Father’s day.  They will be coming your way :) 

Oh ya the weather has definitely changed from the scorching sun to the cloudy storms but it`s actually super fun. We run around with our jackets and umbrellas and we plan our visits so that we can hop from like one house to the other in between storms because usually it rains for like 10  or 15 minutes like super super hard and then stops for like 5 minutes and then starts again so we have our lesson for like 30 minutes and then when we hear the rain stop we finish up our lesson and then run to the next house to avoid the rain hahaha! The lightning and thunder shakes our house at night but nah it doesn’t scare me. It`s kinda nice to fall asleep with the rain and everything. 

I’ve gotten rid of my cold--thank goodness! I`m staying healthy as for now, eating bananas and vitamins and lots of chocolate... That`s healthy right? I found a little shop in Pinares where they sell those bags of Hershey chocolate chips that I always ate at home by the handful... Ya... I found those here and I buy like a pack every week... Yikes... No cavities.... ;) 

Elder Lott

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