Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Officially Half Way...

The most exciting news I have is that we had our 2 baptisms and it was an incredible day and then they were confirmed Sunday. We were running all over this whole week getting everything planned and prepared and it was all worth it because we had a great turnout. We made little invitations and invited everybody and there were like 60 members that came to support these little ones in their baptisms and it was awesome. We have found a member that has a car and he hooks us up sometimes. He also knows how to make homemade donuts and he helped us with the dessert for the baptism and it was just so awesome. I baptized the little boy and my companion baptized the little girl and it was just super fun. It was a crazy and fantastic day and I loved it!  We´re already planning another baptism for this coming Saturday and life is just crazy right now but it´s so awesome at the same time.  

Yes! I am wearing flip flops. My other sandals broke and I had to buy new ones and the cheapest find was a pair of flip flops. I only use them to shower with so I can live for another year.   It´s super weird and I will never use them again after the mission hahaha!!!
(Brayden could never stand ANYTHING between his toes.)

No, this is not a roofing project, that´s just us on the roof... That´s just how the roofs are out here... Flat.... We just climbed up there to take a picture.  There have been tons of changes in our zone and now I just have a little district of 4 and it´s a riot. These two elders are fantastic and I love working with them! The darker one is Elder Flores from the Dominican Republic and the other is from Ecuador, his name is Elder Gaibor. We´re always running around doing things together and it´s super great.  I´m getting better at being a district leader. I´m getting the hang of it ;) 

The Reese´s came from a little shop in Pinares... Another area... They bring all sorts of good stuff from Mexico and sell it here in Guatemala and I´m just taking advantage of it... I´m going to buy another bag of Hershey’s chocolate chips today.... It makes me miss home so much but it´s so good.

Did you like the pictures... I know I haven´t sent any recently but it´s because every time we get to the church where the Wi-Fi should be, it´s not turned on or something like that and I haven´t been able to send pictures but whenever I can you know I´ll send pictures :) I had a couple of good ones and I was excited to send you the father´s day pictures.

Love from Guatemala,
Elder Lott

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