Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lighting the area on fire!

What´s new?  Hmmmm.... Well not too much... Just lots of work and lots of busyness! This last Friday President Crapo came to our planning session and we got to plan with him--just my companion, President and I and it was super awesome! We made the best plans that I´ve ever made and we are already seeing miracles. In these next 2 weeks we have 3 baptisms planned and they are all coming to church and doing their homework and my goodness it´s so fun to see the hand of the Lord in every area of my life.

We didn´t meet with any of our referrals because we´ve been pretty busy with our baptismal dates. We´re going to try and set apart one day this week to just go and find all of these referrals because we have a ton and we need to go find them so we can report back on them :) 

Divisions with the zone leaders was pretty good! I went half the day with one of the zone leaders and the other half of the day with the other zone leader and learned a ton from both of them. One of them has 23 months in the mission and is at the point of going home so I just chatted with him for a while about all his experiences and what he would suggest and everything and it was a fun time. I really enjoyed it. They helped me understand a little bit more about my responsibilities as a district leader and that was good for me too. There is just so much to learn out here and I just can´t keep up but I´m doing my best haha ;)

My companion and I have definitely clicked and the fire was lit and we are just lighting this whole area on fire. We are having so much success and it´s moments like these where you just are so excited to be working here in the Lord´s work. Our plans aren´t falling through as much. Our investigators are genuinely interested in the gospel and everything is just going so good. I don´t want this transfer to end because I´m afraid I´ll be transferred and I want to keep working with all these people that we have to work with! 

As for walking... No we don´t walk even close to what we did in Zacapa. Everything here is pretty close together and we just walk like down the street to most of our appointments but there are some days that we walk like a ton. In Zacapa everything was farther apart and we had to walk a lot in between appointments but here is a lot less walking. Hopefully I´m not getting fatter...

Life is good and I´m enjoying every second.

All my love,
Elder Lott

 Picture from saying good-bye to Elder Brubaker.  
There has to be a story about those ties!

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