Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Super Good Day!

Yesterday was a super good day in the work of the Lord! Yesterday our ward mission leader went on all of our visits with us for the whole day. We finished lunch and then went on visits with him for the rest of the day and we implemented a plan in our ward. We went and visited several families in our ward and did a fun little activity with them where they thought about friends and family members and then we said a little prayer and they gave us specific names of people that are ready to accept the gospel. We got like 20 referrals and now we have lots of work to do for this coming week :) We´re hoping to make it a habit and do it like every Sunday. Wow that would be great!

Yes, being a district leader is hard right now, for me at least.  I just don´t really know what to do and what is actually expected of me really, you know? However, tomorrow we´re going to go on divisions with the zone leaders and they are going to help me out and explain and answer whatever questions or doubts I have so I think that will help tons.  I have 2 other companionships in my district so there are 6 of us in total. I talk to them every night about how their day was, what kind of challenges they faced throughout the day, how their investigators are doing, how we can improve and how I can help them…things like that and then I report to the zone leaders.   I don´t get as much sleep as I used to which is kind of a bummer but it´s kind of fun at the same time because I´m enjoying working closely with the zone leaders and other missionaries. I like being in the middle of all the excitement. I´m definitely learning and growing and praying for help and guidance but I know that all is going well. :) 

Yikes! No more enjoying perfect weather for you guys. Now you just get to enjoy the blazing sun and sweating.  But one thing you have is air conditioning! That´s definitely something I miss! The rainy season has finally come but I’m stoked for it because it will finally take away all this heat and get rid of the sun and it´s awesome! I have been taking vitamin c more often and I seem to be doing much better :) 

Elder Brubaker is off to Zona Bosques in Minerva. I´m not exactly sure where that is, but it´s here inside the capital still. Oh also Elder Vasquez, the missionary that I trained, just got moved up to district leader too and we talk about it all the time haha! 

I haven´t gotten any letters or packages... Apparently there are several missionaries waiting for packages and letters.  It must be backed up in the office or something :(

Love you all!
Elder Lott

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