Thursday, July 21, 2016

Las Ilusiones

Alright so here´s the deets.... I´m in an area called "Las Ilusiones" or The Illusions in English. It is just down the street from my old area but then it´s straight up the mountain. My whole area is pure mountain. I am either walking uphill or downhill...nothing in between and it is somewhat terrible but on the bright side I will have giant leg muscles when I´m done ;) 

The members are super great. We´re opening an area which means there haven´t been missionaries in this area for several months and we´re coming back in here and starting from scratch. It´s super hard and I have no idea what I´m doing but I just put myself to work and talk to everybody and so far so good! The members are super great because they all missed the missionaries so much that when we came back they were all so happy to see us. Everyone gives us food and snacks and everything and they´re always willing to help and work with us so that´s super nice. OHHHH also, the best thing about transfers is that our new house has HOT WATER!!!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!! I finally remember what hot water feels like and it is so terrific.

This is my new my new apartment. It´s pretty nice. We live with a member. He lives downstairs and we live upstairs but the apartment is really nice and the member is always watching out for us and helping us in any way he can which is super nice.  It´s a little chilly here but I found an old blanket in the house and there was a sister here that washed it for me and now I’m using that and all is well :)

My companion is from Honduras. His name is Elder Flores and he´s the first Latino companion that I´ve had that is shy. I do ALL the talking and I´m not used to that…super weird but hey... my Spanish is improving even MORE.  He is from the same groups as Elder Barrera.  He’s been out almost 18 months.  He definitely has the desire to go out and work but he´s just shy and has a hard time talking and expressing his feelings. It´s super different and a little hard for me but I´m adjusting and receiving lots of blessings :)

This was personal study and he definitely was out... I didn´t get to set off the smoke detector though hahaha!! 

President Crapo gave me permission to go back to little Marchei’s baptism on Thursday and it was wonderful!  I got to see all the members again and say congrats to Marchei and it was awesome. Then on Saturday my comp had a baptism in his old area and we went back for that too and it was super fun.

Hahaha sure enough... carried my Tecomate with me to my new area.... I have to bring it home it´s just such a fun little memory from Guatemala hahaha! Ya it was pretty crazy to be saying goodbye to that house after 6 months of being there... changes are so great and so different all at the same time. We did have lots of success there though so it´s alright I guess :) 

Uplifting moment of the week... When I went on divisions with one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Borjas (from Honduras as well).  We talked about the mission and opening an area and he told me that I was a great missionary and just lots of stuff but he just is a great leader and it was a good boost after all these changes and everything. 

Hope all is well and LOVE you all,
Elder Lott

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