Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Crazy Week!

It has been a crazy week! Lots of running around and changing of plans but it has also been a good week. We have had several lessons that have really actually been super good. I´m starting to really enjoy spending time in this area and the people and members here so that must mean I’m going to have changes ;)

Well turns out we didn´t have a baptism...not because she didn´t want to or because she wasn´t ready but because our leaders said that we needed to wait. We´re not sure why and it was pretty frustrating because we had everything planned out but apparently they talked with President and decided we needed to wait. We can´t argue with them so we´re going to wait until the 13th of July.  Transfers are on July 12th so we’ll see what happens.   

It was a good week though. It was hard to tell the family that we were going to have to wait because they were so excited about it and they were pretty discouraged when we told them they were going to have to wait but it has given us an opportunity to grow closer with the family and to help them strengthen their testimony of the gospel so it´s alright :) We had another conference on Wednesday with President and those are always really great!

It is still raining a ton and it´s pretty crazy. It´s made me miss Zacapa a little bit and the heat. The cold has started to set in and I don´t know how I feel about it haha! As for health, I´m doing good and staying healthy. I´m eating more fruits so that´s good. Hopefully I don´t get any crazy parasites ;)

Can you believe that at this time last year I was in the CCM eating a giant cake shaped like the American flag? This is my second 4th of July here and I’ll be home for the next home.  Crazy!

I truly miss you guys and love you guys SO much.  Happy 4th of July!

Elder Lott

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