Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The members love us!

Another week has come and gone and I think the highlight of this week was yesterday when we went to eat dinner at a member’s house that we always visit. They have a missionary on the mission and they always invite us over and we always hang out and visit with them for a while but anyways we swung by yesterday to eat dinner and their son showed up with a friend to visit but he showed up welllllll... drunk..... He´s a super nice guy though and he started to ask me all sorts of questions and how it was possible that I speak Spanish so well in so short a time and everything and then after he told me that he had been a missionary at one point in his life but that he was a little lost right now. But then he and his friend just started to complement me like it was their job or something. Both of them just telling me what a great person I am, for being willing to dedicate 2 years to the Lord, for being willing to serve the people in Guatemala, for being willing to help and serve others and just everything and it was like a little heart-to-heart even though they were a little bit tipsy hahaha and then after I helped him get down the stairs and he gave me a big hug and said I was his hero and stuff and it was really cool.

I’m reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning but in Spanish and I´m in Jacob chapter 3. I read about baptism and enduring to the end recently and how the promise is very clear that if we endure to the end.... Not that it´s going to be easy.... But if we do it... The promise is eternal life and that´s a promise from the Lord. My testimony is strengthened every day when I see members and others enduring to the end amidst the trials and challenges that they have. They continue to be firm in the gospel and that strengthens my testimony that even when it´s hard, because there will always ALWAYS be challenges and trials, but the Lord will bless us and help us as we strive to do what´s right. 

 The picture of the bread is Guatemala´s version of homemade banana bread! It was actually pretty darn good and made me a little or a lotta homesick for Mom’s banana bread. The apartment is actually super nice and tidy and the member that we live with is always offering his help in whatever way we need it.

My companion is still pretty shy. He´ll talk to me but I usually have to do all the talking and asking of all the questions. It´s like talking to a brick wall almost but hey what can you do. At least he´s not annoyingly talkative, right? When I ask him what he thinks we should do or what he wants to do, he doesn´t really have an opinion. He just tells me to choose. It´s super different and it´s been kind of a rough start but now things have smoothed out a little or I´ve just gotten used to it one of the two hahaha!

Opening an area is definitely a challenge as well... I´ve never had to do this before and I didn´t really know what to do but the members have been a big help and we´ve been working hard and we´re getting all settled in and all is well here on our end. I´ve also found a married couple that has really attached to me. Janet and David--Janet cooks us lunch and dinner and then David served a mission before and he loves to talk to us and then I told him that I was looking to do some exercise and stuff and we wake up every morning to exercise with him in his house just doing like push-ups and sit-ups and jump rope and everything but we exercise hard for a good like 45 minutes and I´m beat after but I´m really enjoying it! The members here love the missionaries after missing them for who knows how long ;) 

13 months in the mission....can you believe it? Yikes! Where has the time gone? I´m definitely loving the hot shower... Actually if you stay in the shower long enough the water gets so hot that it literally starts to burn you. I´m loving every minute of hot water cause I´m sure this could be one of the only areas I´m in that has hot water hahaha!

My health is good... I actually went to the dentist today because I´ve had a tooth that has been a little sensitive for like 3 or 4 weeks now so I went to the dentist today and they told me that I didn´t have any problems with my tooth and was very impressed with the health of my teeth after 1 year without any check-ups or anything and asked me if I had ever even had a filling hahaha but turns out there was like a very small part of my enamel that like decayed away leaving the nerves slightly exposed which caused the sensitivity and he threw on some coating or something like that and told me that I was good to go and we were in and out of there in like 15 minutes. The fun part was... They were all from the states. So this time, my companion was the one out of place and we were all laughing and joking and having a great time and he was just kind of sitting there and I felt kind of bad.... but only a little because I had to go through the same thing like the first 3 months of my mission so nah but other than that... All is well :) 

Elder Lott

They wouldn't paint something over decay, right?  I'm sure he probably brushed that enamel away :)

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