Wednesday, September 21, 2016

President Crapo Visit

Can you believe another week has passed and it’s email day again. I can´t believe how fast the weeks fly by. Every Sunday I’m like wait... tomorrow is Monday already?? YES!!!  I´m doing super good actually. I´m working hard and staying busy and it´s true the counsel that President Hinckley received from his dad when he said "lose yourself and go to work." That´s honestly the best thing a missionary can do!!

My cold is mostly gone. Not all the way but most of the way. I´m not coughing anymore. I think I´ve almost gotten rid of it. There is still a tiny bit of pressure in my head but like I said, not anywhere near where it was before. I´m feeling tons better and I think within the next couple of days I will be back to 100% :) 

Our reference visits went well and we even had divisions with our district leader and we were able to divide and conquer and we had lots of success this week. We were able to invite several people to come unto Christ :) You wanna know what was SUPER cool though? This last Thursday we were able to work with President Crapo all day!!! He called us after lunch on Thursday and was like hey Elder Lott I´ve been thinking about you guys and I wanted to come work with you guys in your area for a few hours would that be alright? I was super super nervous at first just because I didn´t know what to expect but once he showed up and we started working it became one of my favorite memories of the mission. It was so much fun to learn and work with President Crapo. He teaches so well and we were able to have some super powerful lessons that left our investigators with the spirit. It was such a good day. 

Alright, as for Oscar and Jessica, well Jessica had to travel a little bit this last weekend so she wasn´t able to make it to church but Oscar came to church and he is learning and growing and changing so much. He will be baptized the day after my birthday if everything goes well :) Jessica could be the same day or the week after. Everything is going great though and we are seeing tons of blessings every day. 

We did have divisions but I already talked a little about that.... The difference between divisions and splits... Well divisions is when we do like a swap. For example, the district leader comes here to my area and my companion goes with the district leader´s companion to his area and they spend the night in the other area. Splits is when the district leader and his companion come to our area and then we divide and conquer but the four of us in our area... Does that make sense? That´s kind of hard to describe but I did my best ;) 
I have some fun pictures of Independence Day here in Guatemala (September 15th when we got to work with President Crapo all day) with David and Janet!!

Elder Lott

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