Monday, September 5, 2016

Learning and Learning and Learning

Well as for me... I have been learning and learning and learning these last couple of weeks and I feel like I have been really sensitive to promptings of the spirit. I have been enjoying it a lot actually. I think I have found an actual love for these people and a desire to talk with and help and serve each one. I think in the beginning I was scared and didn´t want to teach by myself without any help from my companion because I wasn´t used to it and it scared me but recently I have just found a love for the work and a strong desire to just share it with everyone that I talk to whether they´re going to accept the message or not you know? I have just learned to take control of the situation and to make all of the decisions by myself without waiting for Elder Flores to give his opinion. There is so much to learn here in the mission. I can´t even describe it but I´m so grateful for the challenges and experiences that I´m having.

We do have several investigators that I can tell you about but it would take up a bunch of time. I´ll try to tell you about like one every week. We have one whose name is Oscar and he loves to play soccer. We have invited him to play with us a couple of times and he has showed up and told us after that he loves playing with us. He lives super close to a family of members that always invite him to their family home evenings and things like that and he is progressing rather quickly. Tonight we´re going to have a family home evening with him and that family and see how that goes :) 

I did grab this photo mostly for the huge volcano in the background. We are miles and miles and miles away from the volcano and it´s still gigantic. I think you could see that volcano from anywhere in Guatemala. The drop off in the road is a pretty good depiction but there are other places where we are literally walking up a mountain hahaha! It´s a fun little picture though with the volcano nothing else really significant. 

Can you believe we´re already here in September?? I can´t believe how fast the time is flying and that we already have the first few days of September behind us. I can only imagine how the leaves are changing and how pretty everything is over there on those ends. We just continue to get buckets and buckets of rain and the temperatures have really cooled off. I´m enjoying it. It´s a nice little break from the blazing sun!

Love you all!
Elder Lott

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