Monday, September 26, 2016

Looking forward to Conference

This week has been a fun week! We have been working hard and we´ve been able to help several families come closer to Christ. It´s our last week in this transfer so we are wanting to leave on a good note because I´m almost positive that one of the two of us is going to have changes.

My favorite teaching appointment I think is with Oscar. I love teaching him because of the difference that I see in him and the change that the gospel has caused in his life. I remember in the beginning he didn´t really like to talk to us and did whatever he could to avoid us but with a little of time and lots of work... I´ve finally become like a friend to him where he will come up to me and shake my hand and ask me how I´m doing and when we have our lessons and he pays attention and answers questions and it´s so cool to see the gospel work in other´s lives. Anyways this week will be a fun week because in seminary we´re going to be making guest appearances to teach the lessons to the kids that are taking seminary but mostly for Oscar and he will be baptized on my birthday which is basically the coolest thing ever. 

CONFERENCE!!!! I´m so stoked!! I love conference weekend and this week we have plans to invite and bring all our investigators to conference because if we can get them to conference their testimony is going to be strengthened tons so those are our biggest plans. We have to get them all the way to the stake center though which is a little farther away but if I have to pay the bus fees for all of us I´ll do what it takes ;) 

The weather here is getting colder and colder and there´s a breeze that doesn´t seem to go away and it gets pretty darn cold here in the night time. I think from here on out it gets colder and colder until about February. Then it starts to warm up a little. We have been using jackets and umbrellas more and more and luckily my shoes are holding out strong because otherwise I would be miserable hahaha!

They celebrate Independence Day differently here…really all they do are like these huge groups of people storm the streets and play instruments and carry torches and flags and everything is kind of nuts but it was a fun experience!! Super different that´s for sure.

(We told him about our incredible ward primary program.) We have our primary program coming up like the last Sunday in October and I´m hoping that it will be similar with all the little kids singing with that incredible spirit they have. I miss our ward though and all the young ones and all the youth and all the adults. It´s so different out here in Guatemala but it´s wonderful just the same :)

Elder Lott

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