Monday, September 12, 2016

Super Good Week!

My week was super good! We actually had lots of success. We were able to visit tons of members and get lots of references of neighbors and other people to visit so this week it will be a lot of looking for these neighbors and these friends and then inviting them to come unto Christ.

This week we actually had our multizone conference with President Crapo and we learned a lot about how to teach our investigators clearly so they can understand and have a desire to keep the commandments and read the scriptures and it was such an awesome conference. I even got to see Elder Vasquez and talk to him and see how he has been and it is always so fun to see other missionaries from other zones.

Oscar is doing great. There is a family that is helping us a ton with him. They always invite him to their family home evenings and activities in the church like mutual or like soccer scrimmages and he is coming to church almost every single Sunday. YES!

Another investigator for this week. It´s a younger girl named Jessica. She lives super far away but came here to work babysitting little kids for a family here and she is going to live here for a long time and the family that she is living with just happens to be members. The Lord is truly at the head of this work and places people in our paths and prepares them for us to come and teach them and it is truly a blessing. Anyway, she has come to church several times and is super interested. She always has questions for us and she has a real desire to learn more. So there we are working with her too :) 

My highlight of this week was definitely the multizone conference. I learned so much. I am learning so much always but in the conferences it´s just like tons of information jammed into your head and then we just like go and do everything that they told us in our areas. This week I have just been motivated. I have just found a new motivation to talk with everyone and just share at LEAST my testimony with everyone. I love running around talking to everyone and it has been fun for me to get to know all these new people. This week I think we´ll be having divisions but we´ll see what happens. 

I don´t know what else to say.... Ohhhhhhh actually I do but I´ll send that to you in another email(What…Wait….there was no other email.  Maybe next week???)

All is well. I´m loving every minute and I´m so grateful for all the encouragement and support that you guys give me. 

Elder Lott

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