Monday, October 10, 2016

All is well!

I definitely had a good birthday and I was super grateful for all the families that helped me feel loved on my birthday.  It`s true, David and Janet really spoiled me tons. The cake was delicious and yes, I think it was chicken cordon bleu for dinner.  I`m not exactly positive what it was but it tasted similar to chicken cordon bleu so I`m just going to say it was ;) New sweater, new jacket, new socks and some chocolate... My favorites ;) They really went out of their way and I got to celebrate with David because his birthday was the 4th. It was a super fun day!


 I love that these packages look like missionary shirts :)



I will be eternally grateful for these good people of Guatemala!

The other family is the family that we live with, The Gusman Family. The funny guy taking the video is their son. His name is Carlos and he served a mission too and he is SO funny he always has me dying. He loves to learn English because he learned a ton on his mission but doesn`t remember it all now but he actually speaks super well and he loves to bug me about it ;) They always take super good care of us and I`m super grateful for that family as well.

Note:  This video can only be viewed from a computer screen not a hand held device.

Well we actually were not able to have our baptism on my birthday and it was a huge bummer... The thing is, he has decided to wait and think about his baptism and we have decided that someone must have said something to him because he changed his mind so quickly but we`re going to keep working with him and see what we can do. 

We had a district meeting last week where we talked about how President Crapo truly receives revelation and inspiration for these transfers and the Spirit confirmed to me that it`s true and that the Lord has a plan for me here and that I need to help my companion and the members here and that I`m really here for a purpose and I’m at peace with it. I know my companion needs a little bit of extra help or extra attention and the members are really helpful as well.  I think they understand the situation so I`m grateful really for everything that is happening in the mission. 

We played soccer for a good hour and a half this morning and it was super fun. Got some good exercise ;)  I am honestly doing super good and am excited and ready for whatever we have ahead of us. I`m doing good physically, mentally and spiritually and all is well.

Love you all!
Elder Lott

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