Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Zona Esparana...continuing forward with faith!

This week was an amazing week actually. We completed all of our goals and we found a family of gold!! We have been chatting and talking with them and they just absolutely love us!! They always invite us to dinner and talk about how much we`ve blessed their lives and they accepted our invitation to baptism. The Gomez Family... Oscar, Noemi, and Jasmine. There are 3 more littler ones but they`re not quite ready yet ;) It has been super fun to share the gospel with them and to see how big of a blessing it has been to them. 

Oscar is doing good.... We actually played soccer with him today and I think he sprained his ankle but he`s doing good and he`s still coming to church and the activities and everything the only bummer is that he wants to wait on his baptism. It`s alright though. We just continue to teach and support him and sooner or later he will come around :) Jessica unfortunately moved... far away.... So hopefully the missionaries over there will be able to find her and help her!

In my studies of the Book of Mormon, I`m in Alma 42. I have been reading a lot about the Plan of Salvation and we actually learned about that in our district meeting last Wednesday.  It always amazes me just what a perfect plan our Heavenly Father has for us. We are truly here to learn and grow and make mistakes but we have to learn from our mistakes and that is where the Atonement comes in. It`s really interesting and it is such a blessing. 

What have I done to serve Elder Flores this week?  I helped him put away his clean clothes, and I made his bed. I think those were the only real acts of service that I provided this week but I am always on the lookout for more ways that I can help so I`ll let you know how it goes this next week. 

Anyways I don`t have much time left but I have some super big news... 

We talked to President Crapo today and we have emergency transfers. Apparently there was a small problem in another area and he needs my help. So I`m going to be transferred to Zona Esparana and President has high expectations for me. We talked about what he expects of me and what the Lord expects of me and I`m super nervous but super excited about it. I still can’t believe it. Now, I`m not ready to leave yet.  The taxi will be coming tomorrow in the morning and I have to pack my bags and say good bye to all the members and investigators here in my area. I will have tons of details to give you next week but as for now... That`s all the update I can give you... I will continue forward with faith.

Elder Lott

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