Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!

The mail system in Guatemala has just shut down.  Elder Lott’s package with everyone’s birthday pictures made it to Guatemala but has not made it to him. It is unknown how long the mail system will be down or what will happen to the packages stuck in transit.  We found out last week his package would not be arriving (at least in time), so for his Birthday Missionary Monday we put all of the pictures in a Word document he could open to receive all of our birthday wishes electronically.  Thank you for wishing him a happy 20th birthday!
I literally could not stop crying as I read all those birthday wishes and saw all those fun pictures and I basically can`t see through my tears to write this message. I absolutely love it!  Thank you everyone for making me feel so loved and thought of not only on my birthday but always. 

Can you believe another birthday and another year older? I can`t even believe at all that I`m going to be turning 20 years old. I didn`t ever think that I was going to hit the twenties ;) I was bummed about my birthday package and was always asking around for it but I`ll continue hoping and praying and asking around and it should make it here in no time :)

Alright well all I can say about transfers was that like everyone in the whole zone had transfers except for us and I am super bummed about it to be honest but I`m trying to keep a positive attitude. I was looking so forward to transfers and now I`m a little disappointed. I know that it`s for a reason and I know that I need to do something more but honestly these last two transfers have been quite the challenge and I don`t know how a third transfer will go but I`m going to give it my all and do my best and rely on the Lord. I just wanted to have a change you know? It`s all good though. The Lord needs me here for a reason and I just have to find it.

The good news is I`m going to be partying all day today to celebrate my birthday and David`s birthday because he turns 34 tomorrow and I turn 20 on Friday so we`re going to eat cake and lots of food and open presents and I`m going to have lots of pictures for next week to send you and you`re going to love it :) :) 

Other good news is that Oscar`s baptism is actually scheduled for my birthday and I`m stoked. I think it will be a super fun day. Then after that we just have to work hard with Jessica and she should be baptized here in the next couple weeks too. :)

General Conference was absolutely incredible. I loved it! I love conference weekend so much! We didn`t have tons of success in bringing lots of investigators but we did bring Oscar and Jessica to at least one or more sessions. (We walked.) I got to listen to like half of conference in English and half in Spanish. When we had investigators, I would go and sit with them in the Spanish session. The good thing is I can understand Spanish now too so it`s not a problem ;)  In between sessions we always hung out with the other missionaries and ate lunch or went and visited some members that live close to the stake center and just kind of hung out. It`s super fun and I always pack lots of little snacks to eat during conference. I was thinking about you guys during priesthood session and how I wanted to go get ice cream after ;) I loved the talks though and I always feel so spiritually fed afterword and it`s the best!

Recently there has been lots of sun here but the weather here is kind of unpredictable. Somedays it`s super sunny and then all of the sudden it rains or sometimes it`s dark all day and never rains and sometimes it`s just normal and it`s just kind of nuts but the weather here is nice. It`s never like super super hot or super super cold.  

Riley’s driving!  Wow!!! I miss driving tons and I will be super willing to run whatever errands are necessary after the mission just to drive around hahaha ;)

Well, All is well. I`m feeling.... Well.... I `m not really sure... Bummed that there weren`t transfers.... A tiny bit frustrated I guess.... I feel like I have been in Zone 18 for like a whole year now and I`m ready for a change but I know that the Lord needs me here and there are things that I need to do. I just don`t know what it is and I think that`s the most frustrating. Just tell me what it is that you need me to do and I`ll do it kind of thing, you know? But that`s not how it needs to be and I am learning and growing and growing. 

Love to you all and many thanks for the birthday wishes!
Elder Lott

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