Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Week of Miracles

I’m now writing from a little internet cafe in the middle of nowhere.  Last week was a wave of emotions for sure. I was excited and nervous at the same time and that was weird. My new companion is Elder Martinez from Mexico!  He has the same amount of time that I have in the mission. We are scheduled to go home the same day.  He is great!   He´s super laid back but likes to work hard which is like me! He doesn´t get stressed out or mad and we have a lot of fun together! We are actually going to have a baptism today at 6 and another one this coming Wednesday!  The day I got here we immediately started seeing miracles and it was awesome. He told me what a blessing it was that I came and we´re both super excited to be working together!

Our investigator that´s going to be baptized today has been with the missionaries for like a whole year now and hasn´t ever made the decision to be baptized but we had two super good lessons with him and during the second lesson he accepted our invitation and is actually super excited. Same with our baptism this coming Saturday. His name is Edgar and he kind of had the same problem but then we started talking about the example that he would set for his family and he accepted our invitation too and it was just incredible because with only a week here in this area and boom 2 baptisms. The Lord is truly preparing his children. We just have to do our part and he will do the rest. 

Elder Flores didn´t stay in Las Ilusiones because President Crapo doesn´t have any spare missionaries right now.  Elder Flores will serve here in our zone just for a little while until we get new missionaries.

The Gomez family will be baptized this coming up Saturday! I will be going back to talk to the bishop and get everything set up and I´m going to swing by and visit them too to see how they´re doing!!

Our area is gigantic and it is actually like 10 minutes from Las Ilusiones on foot!  Oh my goodness it is more mountainous then Las Ilusiones. I am absolutely exhausted at the end of every single day. I´m going to have to take tons of pictures of the area because it´s gigantic but super awesome!

We´re in a family ward that has like 150 people that normally attend so it´s one of the bigger wards that I´ve ever been in. OHHHH but there is a senior couple in our ward and they are the greatest!!! The Sister, Sister Reyna is her name is going to cook me HOMEADE BROWNIES this coming Sunday and I am beyond excited!!! How I miss homemade treats from my Mom!!! This is actually probably one of the richer areas I´ve been in. There are tons of members with cars here that give us rides!!

Unfortunately, we don´t have anybody to cook for us in this area and I can´t even describe how much I miss having Janet cook for us every day. We have to go looking for food when we want to eat lunch. Elder Martinez says he knows how to cook a few things but never cooks haha so I don´t really know. We do have several families though that invite us over to eat every once in a while :)

Living conditions...well...the house was kind of a mess when I got here but every day we take like 30 minutes to clean the house and it´s looking lots and lots better. I´ll try to take some pictures for you guys. Our house is a ton bigger though so that´s fun. Hot water...well…kind of.... We have to fill this big tub with water and then there´s this little tool that gets super hot when we plug it in and that´s what heats up the water. Not the same but it´ll do.

Nah, writing in English isn´t too hard for me. It´s kind of hard to speak it though and I don´t really understand why.  I haven´t been with an English speaking comp in my whole mission. Can you believe that? It´s alright though because I feel like I have basically mastered Spanish and when I got to this new area I tried to tease everyone and say that I only had like 4 months in the mission and that I was just starting and everything but they all would tell me that can´t be true because you speak Spanish perfectly.  I definitely have that accent though. I´m secretly hoping that my last companion speaks English so I can practice lots right before I get home.

I have never been so busy in my whole life. We are running here and there in our own area and then sometimes we go and help the other elders in their areas and sometimes we have to go run errands for others and we´re always talking on the phone with the assistants and just everything it is super super busy but the time FLIES by. 

All is well.  I love and miss you all tons!
Have a great week :)
Elder Lott

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